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  1. Forreal tho


    Last tournament, my opponent's asked me to disclose, I said I'm waiting for the judge because they didn't have a wiki and I'm not sure if I can run certain affs with them. Their coach kept shouting at me, "Hurry up dammit, god, your school is so shady"etc. 


    Our judge ended up being very experienced, we went with our Race Aff, and they went two off "Disclosure Theory" and "Framework". THEY WENT FOR DISCLOSURE THEORY IN THE 2NR, and lost of course. Their coach ended up fighting with us and the judge. Twas not a pretty sight


    "We will NEVER disclose to Milpitas (My team) again, you guys are shady as f*ck and...*insert 30 minutes of yelling*"

     If this was at Western JV, I think I know exactly who this is, they hated me XD

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