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  1. hahahha this team is from my school 1. China says no – they like EU meat better Steever 16 (Tom Steever, 4/12/16, Brownfield Ag News, EU HOG FARMERS BENEFIT FROM INCREASED DEMAND FROM CHINA, https://brownfieldagnews.com/news/eu-hog-farmers-benefit-increased-demand-china/) 2. Also, you can expose their Stuart, Reuters, Singh, and Frederick evidence as all making the aff uninherent (Missouri lol). They all say in some way or another, very clearly though, that farmers are already doing the aff. Randy Spronk is a farmer in specific.
  2. Have all the issues with verbatim and windows 10 been fixed? I want to upgrade but don't want to have to deal with them.
  3. Here are tons of theory arguments and answers to them. You should obviously edit them in your speech doc to what needs to be said, but this is a great thing to have and start with Big Ass Book of THEORY.pdf
  4. Willing to trade this for something pretty sweet. Toss some offers my way and we'll see
  5. I'm looking for racial oppression towards minorities. The arg would be that the aff is not accounting for/including minorities in their process therefore oppressing them by not solving for them (sorry if this is a bit confusing)
  6. Can anybody point me in the right direction or share with me some good oppression link cards? preferably to 2015-2016 topic but generic government action will work also
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