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  1. green valley hz on the oceans topic -- believe it or not, jeff horn used to be a virilio and nietzsche hack
  2. true i got flashbacks of david herman or arsht just going OFF as i skimmed through the 1ar
  3. This was the best note on which I could've ended debate (alas, only if my actual rounds were this fun) -- thanks for being down with some solid policy v. policy action. If you're doing NSDA/other education tournaments, just PM me if you need any of Camas' stuff (chances are your prep is way better but still). And if you're a junior, I'm super excited to see how wildly dominant and successful you'll be next season -- best of luck!
  4. little over 1600 alternate grounds cp, executive cp, framing 2NR Final Debate - Alt Grounds CP version.docx
  5. just finished my research paper -- I'll get to writing the 2NR asap
  6. alternate grounds cp, essa da, schools da, t-instruction *there's a slew of cards from Hood to O'Sullivan on topicality that are supposed to be "inserted into the record", not actually read btw (fyi for word count purposes) 1NR - Final Debate Ever.docx
  7. fairly sure this should be within the word count (or under) executive self-restraint cp, congress cp, alternate grounds cp, immigration adv., framing 2NC - Final Debate Ever.docx
  8. Just got back from school -- I'll get to writing the 2NC asap 2AC CX What about the Alt Grounds CP do you think is functionally plan-plus? that's it
  9. Speech 1NC Final Debate Ever.docx8, adv., framing my mac doesn't have word count, so tell me if the 1nc is too big. is 2700 reasonable?
  10. 1AC CX Explain the process of plan implementation -- do you fiat executive enforcement / Congressional follow-on post-ruling? Why is judicial action necessary to break down the executive’s plenary powers? How does the plan redefine the injury standard for slavery? Where does Kupchan speak to the triumvirate’s ability to restrain Trump’s war power authority?
  11. 1 - rollback and "water down" are resolved by durable fiat (which allows process links to how the plan text would probabilistically be pushed/negotiated to create the conditions for that durable fiat) 2 - "congress conditions your plan on something else" is just a rider da which seems perfectly legit? it does seem realistic that in times of extreme legislative gridlock, passing a controversial reform would causally require a qpq as a necessary step. a version of intrinsicness that ignores any consequences of process -- i.e. that firerod legislation could magically generate new support without the expectation of a reciprocal concession -- seems far more illogical and unrealistic
  12. it was as good of a debate as you'll ever see w/ a new aff
  13. basically charity cannibalism but specific to circulating images of black suffering - it's from leong and weheliye
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