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  1. 2AR vs. Danhep.docx 2AR up Now I'll just wait to see how I screwed up DNG.
  2. My CX: What's the link to the Constitution DA? Like how does autonomy conflict with the Constitution/Supreme Court Rulings? What's the impact to the DA? On the cap K, do we have to get rid of capitalism to have a universal health care system? Do you live in a capitalist system? What's the link to OOO? Are you using a computer or technological device to do your bidding in this debate? Is the aff about ontology? Explain "the rhizome of dichotomies" on Best. Can't ethics and morals essentially be the same thing? Doesn't Bostrom contradict the premises of OOO? How do we fight capitalism? Do we have an individual responsibility to reject capitalism? Is the United States Constitution always right? Is the state always right? What is correlationism?
  3. They are essentially the same. Micro-fascism is talking more about the individualized fascism in society while fascism is the general term.
  4. Wouldn't that be kind of hard for a judge to flow? Wouldn't they want to know where you are at on the line by line before you start to get into the rebuttaling?
  5. So can someone explain to me what is wrong with my extentions and rebuttals? I follow the formula and everything but I seem to always end up with a judge comment that says "work on you extentions and rebuttals". Can someone analyze this rebuttal and tell me where I went wrong on the formula? Extend Moon, 12 – this says that even if autonomy is valued, adolescents should still be viewed with a presumption of incapacity because they do not have the experience and knowledge as their parents/guardians – they say that there is no difference between the decisional capacity of adult and children, but this card does not take into account the factor of experience – experience allows people to make the right decision because they can learn from past mistakes in life – adolescents have not entered the stage where they have made those mistakes so they don’t have experience. I can see where I could use some work on the extensions, but could you still tell me if a rebuttal such as this is correct?
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