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  1. You already know Moss/Justis is gonna be killing shit.
  2. Just wondering if anyone else realized how ridiculously wrong and annoying this Twitter account is.
  3. the 1AR in policy is the hardest speech in debate.. you have to cover 13 minutes of speech in 5 minutes.
  4. Running T and theory aren't accusing the affirmative of cheating they are just testing if your plan is an appropriate representation of the resolution. If RVI's were used in the sense that you are modeling then it could also be ran against DA's after the Aff has proven there isn't a link... Plain and simple RVI's just piss people off
  5. Does anyone have plan specific links for PTX DA's? I feel like the vague argument that any plan trades off is super easy to answer and makes PTX pointless to read.
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