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  1. an ethic of incommensurability isn't just "native pedagogy," rather it's a refusal to compromise claims for decolonization with settlers - it's a frame utilized to weigh calls to give back the land insofar as it refuses to believe that dialect of native vs. settler can be reconciled, at least through the reformism that most affs would claim to be.
  2. It depends on what aff you're hitting - your alt should be set up to be exclusive and net-better than the aff. If you're hitting a K Aff, reading an alt that calls for violent revolution is potentially more aligned with what their literature says than, say, an alt that slowly reforms existing structures. The same goes for a policy aff. If you read a reform alt vs. a warming aff, you'll probably lose to the perm, but if you call for a revolution, or choose to center the round on competing pedagogical approaches (ie Giroux/Critical Pedagogy alts) then you're in a better spot.
  3. I think the aff is being too light on the solvency question - I think the fact that the neg's entire strategy is premised on the claim that the aff is unproductive/unfair for debate is proof of how the very introduction of the 1AC into debate is a disruption of the "rules" debate proffers and a refusal to activate potentiality in a way that is aligned with sovereign norms.
  4. The citations in the 1AC need to be fixed - you need citations for all authors and the date in the portion of the cite you read, not # card you've read from that same author - ie Mitchell et al 1 should be Mitchell (actual date) and a list of all other contributing authors in the actual citation and their qualifications. This isn't going to affect the round, but it may affect future ones.
  5. Wake did as well.. can be found here
  6. that's still just the federalism da with a better internal link
  7. It seems like it'd be better as a CP or K given that you'd likely lose to "UQ overwhelms the link - NCLB, Race to the Top, etc. all thump their internal link." Having an advocacy would generate UQ for you and get you out of that debate.
  8. just... don't misgender someone?
  9. I think OP is referring to the Balsas evidence.
  10. Also, push them on the level of solvency. Playing Radiohead to George Bush probably wouldn't have prevented the Iraq War.
  11. I like this version of the Taiwan aff cuz it's not like "give Taiwan to China in exchange for less SCS tension" cuz that's p colonialist.
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