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  1. Here's the results packet: http://www.ncflnationals.org/NCFL2016ResultsPacket.pdf
  2. I don't know that much about SDI but I know that the 5 Week Sophs lab at GDI is good. I have friends that went last year and others that went in years past, and all of them seem to have gotten a lot out of it. I think it's a good experience for rising sophs. You get to dabble in different types of debate and learn from a lot of really cool and smart people. Also - the food definitely isn't the best ever, but they did just open a new student center so that would give you more options. If you have any questions about GDI in general, feel free to ask me.
  3. Sage Ridge RK will both be seniors next year and they are good and very nice
  4. I was in the GDI 4 week K lab last year, and I had a great experience. It's definitely not a top lab by any means, but the instructors are super knowledgable and willing to help you learn. On the topic of bids/bid rounds - I think only one person from my lab actually qualled this year, but most of us made it to bid rounds at one point or another. I think that a couple of my friends from that lab just won their state tournaments, so that's also pretty good. I would definitely recommend going if you can. If you have any other/more specific questions, just let me know.
  5. As people said above, most of this depends on your region. In CA, where I debate, there isn't a huge distinction between novice and JV (they typically collapse into a single division because of a lack of JV teams), so I went from competing in novice to competing in varsity, with about 2 JV tournaments to ease the transition. That being said, if you feel that the divide between novice and varsity is too wide to cross right away, competing in JV for a while would definitely be a solid option. If you really feel like you are dragging your partner down, you should talk to them and your coach about it. If you conclude that you should take a 2nd position, you and your partner should experiment with who does what for a tournament and see how each spot fits you. On the topic of camp: I would definitely recommend going if it is financially reasonable for you. Camp was a super fun and super educational experience for me, and was so helpful in transitioning from novice/JV to varsity. If you don't want to spend a whole lot of time or money on camp, there are plenty of good 2 and 3 week programs that exist that could still greatly benefit you. Some of my friends in the same situation attended the GDI 2 week Varsity camp after competing for a year in novice, and it helped them a ton. I hope this helps you and good luck!
  6. This summer, I'll be a rising junior and I have a bit of a camp dilemma. I would really like to be in the Berkeley-Gonzaga swing lab, but I would have to miss the first week. I'm also considering DDI, which doesn't start until later in the summer so I wouldn't have to miss any. I know both are pretty good camps, and I just don't know if missing the first week (and still having to pay for it) would be worth it for swing. Any input would be much appreciated.
  7. I've been using the Adobe one recently and while it isn't free, it is definitely worth it and does a fairly good job
  8. I would like to get a new laptop for debate in the relatively near future. This year I debated with an HP Pavilion dv7 which has a 17 inch screen and weighs just over 8 pounds. It did the job, but it's such a hassle for a sub-par computer. I am more interested in PCs than Macs, simply because I'm used to them and I know they can do the job at a lower cost. Ideally, a new computer would be under 1k or just above, and the screen would be under 17 inches (mine right now is just too huge and it barely squeezes into my backpack) and it would weigh less than 8 pounds. Other than that, I don't really have any preferences. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. UPDATE: I ended up getting the Dell XPS 13 (non-touch) for my birthday and it is great!
  9. SO MANY people are going to run biopower. I think we can call that now.
  10. - biodiversity DAs - OSW - Makah whaling - T increase - pirates
  11. can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!! jk I see you everyday and we're debating each other tomorrow
  12. Is anyone on here going to the tournament in SF this weekend?
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