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  1. My squad put me in charge of cutting an aff for the LD topic and I remember on the oceans topic there was an aff talking about sinking nuclear waste to the ocean floor because rn we dump it on Native people's lands but I can't remember the name of the aff or which camp put it out, can you help me remember where to find it? Thank you
  2. isn't that why Heidegger is against "knowing"? he sees it as a violent imposition of order onto a chaotic world? I'm probably misreading my Heidegger cards but it always seemed like Heidegger thought that "knowing" the world had one of 2 outcomes 1 you're wrong and so whatever you did with the "knowledge" either failed or made things worse or 2 you cut the corners off of the square block to fit it into the circle hole, destroying everything wild to live as content clever animals am I just way off base with Heidegger?
  3. is there a functional difference between that and an advocacy statement? if not wouldn't the kappler stuff work? (if you don't have the cards pm me)
  4. if the debaters are queer or have a queer identity then not only do they win the K and make you look like an A+ jerk but could probably use it to turn most of your arguments with the card that says they lose the right to speak sooo not a great strat mao is generally looked down on by everyone ever so please don't read this
  5. So I know Ankur cut their seemingly infamous framework from a speech by Feynman but I'm looking around and I can't for the life of me find what speech it would've been cut from and Ankur hasn't posted since 2014 so I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of this speech? Thanks
  6. Is there a difference between these disads? I've seen disads labeled as both and they look pretty much the same but is there a nuance I'm missing? Thanks
  7. So I was wondering if we could gather a giant list of the T standards we know because I always hate it when people hit me with standards I don't know mid-rounds plus this might help out people who are writing their T blocks Aff flex Aff creativity Limits Ground Bright-line Grammar Education FX T (not sure if that's a violation or a standard) Extra T (same as FX) If y'all help out that would be awesome Thanks
  8. I know this term is heavily associated with Deleuze and his followers and it has to do with the idea of fluidity and how an identity is constantly jumping to new lines of flight (ish? I've never read a Deleuze kritik or lit and I've never hit one either) but that is the benefit of this? Avoiding microfascism? What is that and why do we want to avoid it? Thanks
  9. In other posts I've heard of this K and it seems like a high-theory answer to ID ptx? But no one really talked about it,just mentioned it in passing is someone could explain this and/or point me in the right direction for it that would be amazing Thanks
  10. Can't tell if real or troll if real sounds amazing please answer
  11. So I recently moved up to the Olympia/Tumwater area and I was wondering how many teams there are in that area, NFL bids, kind of debate etc etc if anyone can help me out that would be fantastic Thanks
  12. What secondary lit should I look into once I finish Spectres of Marx?
  13. Is it really that dumb a question?
  14. Can someone explain this K to me? It has to do with the ghosts of past events but I don't get what the alt is or how it avoids the ghosts, or what the impacts are to it.
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