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  1. I definitely think you can define it that way, but short of decreasing the police force you kind of screw the pooch on solvency. I've talked about it with my coach and the issue is how you decrease police surveillance. Because you either have to win that police surveillance is inherently bad, which is probably going to be difficult to win, or you basically increase surveillance on the police to decrease their surveillance of another group, say minorities. Which opens up the possibility of a cp of increase civilian surveillance of the police to increase police accountability, or something of the sort. That's what I'm considering doing with it
  2. So the idea would be that it would ultimately lead to the plan and some specific solvency mechanism based on the narrative. for example the sirens aff from this year talked about how Odysseus queered himself and became the feminized slave when he listened to the sirens. so the plan was to look for the sirens so that we could destroy them and access their zizek over identification solvency. Though in reality doesn't work because you can't over identify something that isn't real. i haven't read enough of the literature to really get an idea of the specific plan text or solvency though. regardless it would still be very open to and kind or representations or identity politics stuff under their case the sirens represented the queer body btw Thinking more on it i don't see why we couldn't actually frame it in the sense of the oppression of the witch instead of Dorothy. the link to surveillance very well may not be there at that point though
  3. Thanks for the feedback. i have by no means decided this will be my aff or anything like that. i'm just trying to float some ideas around.
  4. there's quite a bit of literature that talks about how the different forms of the wizard of oz put out represent the oppression going on in society. the idea for the aff being the wicked witch represents the government and or society and the constant watching, and furthermore oppression of the other,(the queer, or black body) represented by Dorothy and her companions. It functions as a narrative to start the affirmative that then leads in to a kritikal case of say the surveillance of the black body
  5. So i was curious as to what some potential ideas people were having for next years topic. i've been thinking about using a narrative of the wizard of oz. if anybody has seen the sirens aff or the nativism/trail of tears aff this year it would be similar. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts about my idea, as well as ideas of their own
  6. can anyone also explain his theory on rhetoric? he talks a lot about language and how it can never solve in his hyper reality critique.
  7. I finished writing a new affirmative that i'm very excited about. it's a Baudrillard Aff, and i have a tournament in the morning that i'm going to break it at. My issue is that i don't want people saving my hours of hard work and next tournament me get destroyed every round because of it. how do i save a document as a flash drive version so that it can't be saved onto their laptops? i've seen other teams do it, but i can't find it online.
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