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  1. I would do both if you can. Print out your 1AC or cards you know you'll almost always read, and flow on paper. But everything else can be digital.
  2. I've only competed in JV for one tournament now, but for about three months we were allowed to use cards outside of the novice packet(the same stack of affs, disads, and case negs given to every school in my district). Now almost everybody is running a new affirmative, like how my team cut a new aff on killing lionfish. But would it be possible to hit affs with only the evidence from the packet? None of the cards would clash with another team's directly, but if I rewrote taglines and rehighlighted, I think I could do it. After all, cards don't usually support policy arguments anyway. I would have to be really smart about linking the aff to a disad too. So what do you guys think? Good plan, or just too insane?
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