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    I'm the 2A/1N of Oak Hill ST, previously of Oak Hill ES. We mostly compete locally, though my we went 4-2 at Berkeley 2016, and 6-6 at NSDA 2015. 2016-17 will be my final year, aiming for Oregon State championship and the TOC.
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  1. Yeah this is fun, and South gets their kudos, let us have something XD. Best judge: Mark Little, tho Hunter Boelow is sick w. the bantz Best coach: Keith Eddins obv, but Tom Lininger and Mark Little also seem dope Senior you'll miss most: Beau, duh. Also, even tho she doesn't really do policy, Gracia is cool af. Best squad/school: OES or Lincoln Best team: OES LR Best novice team: Oak Hill CH (call me biased but I'd like to see your novices go toe-to-toe...) Best aff team: Being completely honest Beau and I have like a 90% win rate on aff so I'll say us Best neg team: OES LR Best 1a: Louis Best 2a: Soren Best 1n: Jay Best 2n: Marcus Best kritik debater: Beau in general, Marcus if it's Psychoanalysis Best T debater: IDK we haven't been aff against OES LR this year but Ashok did a pretty legendary T 2NC @ RCRR Best straight-up policy debater: Soren Best negative position: T-QPQ honestly slays Best aff: Exports tbqh Most untopical aff: So far, Lake-O's Baudrillard (though that may change at state ) Most persuasive speaker: Hahahaha Soren Most helpful person: Honestly Jay and Ashok are really nice and helpful always so they tie for this Most hardworking debater: Probably Marcus, though Lincoln preps hard and Beau goes on binges Fastest debater: Marcus or Ashok for now, but our novice girls are catching up o_O Best debater overall: Soren Funniest debater: Beau says the darndest things Most fun debater to judge/watch: Soren Most improved team: Probably Clara and Madeline, they went from mid-tier to one of the best teams in the state, also Clara won GDI O_O Next Year's Top Team: Well IIRC Soren can't compete next year so idek, probably Jay and Ashok
  2. Dude, they had a fucking family emergency. I find it hard to believe it is possible for someone to be as much of an asshole as you are. For a while, I thought you were just intentionally being abrasive to make your point about censorship or whatever. But holy shit, you really are utterly without compassion or regard for your fellow human beings. I hope to god that somehow, someday, you gain some self awareness and realize that regardless of your political/social views, you are genuinely an awful human being. I am sorry for being so direct, but I just don't see how you could hear "urgent family situation" and possibly think "How dare they back out of an online argument with me???"
  3. Well, OK, thanks for playing. I actually kinda wanted to debate with you, which is why I set the threshold so low. Yet, as seems to be your special talent, no matter how low the bar is set for rational argumentation, you still somehow squeezed under it. Congratulations; I have never met anyone so incredibly insecure that they are not even willing to write out their opinion. What's the matter? Are you afraid that you might be subjected to actual argumentation? Is it scary to think that you might have to have a conversation in which you can't just yell over the other person with your big manly voice? Oh wait, I know! You are terrified by the prospect that you might not get to cherry pick your best debates, and censor any ones that you get righteously creamed in. If you change your mind and decide to show more intellectual capacity than a Chihuahua, my challenge still stands. And it is pretty clear which of us is not "stepping up."
  4. Response Predictions: 1) THE TRUTH 2) yeah cause you are a bunch of COWARDS LOLOLOL 3) CENSORSHIP!!!! KILL YOURSELF!!!!! EDIT: And here I thought he was at least capable of line by line analysis
  5. My god, you are sad. I gave you the chance to make any sort of intelligent statement. I literally said you could make any freaking statement you liked, as long as it was substantiated. I challenged you to come up with a single statement that wasn't a meme or an insult. You couldn't. I find it incredible that you could possibly accuse us of not "putting our money where our mouth is." You want to know why I won't debate with you over webcam? Not because I am scared. It is because you have proven that you are incapable of actually making an argument. You don't debate, you just throw out insults. Why would I waste an hour of my life trying to talk sense into someone who has proven incapable of making a single actual point? That would just be masochistic. Let me make it clear; I have shown no aversion to debate. In fact, if you can give me a convincing reason why debate in written form is inferior to the verbal debates you are so fond of, I will make time to engage you over webcam. But until you can convince me it would be anything more intellectual than talking to a brick wall (granted, a brick wall capable of saying "lol faggot coward"), I see no point. So, there it is. You didn't have the guts to face the first challenge. How about this one? Give us a little preview of the argumentative smackdowns you seem to believe you can deliver. Make your case as to why I should debate you verbally. If it's based in logic and reason, I'll take you on. But if you respond to this with yet more memes and accusations that I am a "coward" or "keyboard warrior," you will have successfully ruined any credibility you could have possibly had. How the hell do you expect anyone to take your comments about cowardice seriously if you are too scared to debate teenagers on the internet?
  6. You folks are really starting to tick me off. I have not heard a single thing from any one of you that remotely qualifies as an actual argument. People respond to you, both on this forum, and through your webcam "debates," with nuanced claims and warranted analysis to support said claims, and you return nothing but "Bitch faggot coward lol so butthurt keyboard warrior, hahahah feminists don't know how facts work!" Alright hotshot, I dare you, instead of a meme, to reply with one warranted, fact or logic based claim. Here's a question to start you out; why is a discussion forum for a high-school activity the best platform for your activism? > inb4 "cause you fags don't know how REAL debate works!!!! gotta search for the TRUTH instead of just being in a liberal echo chamber!!!" Listen, we do search for "truth." In policy debate, our activity, literally anything is open for discussion. We debate whether death is good or bad, we debate the solutions to foreign policy issues, we debate racism, sexism, and other structural inequalities from every possible angle. Do you really think that in the decades that competitive debate has been growing and evolving, not one of us has ever considered that debate is a search for truth? We do see it as a search for truth, or at least as a method of exposing ourselves to diverse perspectives. And we have heard your perspective. And we think you are full of shit. So how about it, Mr. FactsandLogic? Gonna "run like a scared little bitch?" Gonna "hide behind mommy's keyboard" and post another vacuous meme because it is easier than actually typing out a coherent thought? I sure hope you don't, cause I really want to see what it looks like when you actually try to put your views into words. PS: Extra points if you can respond without using "coward," "SJW," "faggot," "white knight," "bitch," "cunt," "feminazi," "libtard," etc. I refrained (through great force of will) from calling you names, so for you to call me names would only further demonstrate that you are, contrary to your claims, ruled by emotion, not reason. Which is, I understand, the ultimate sin in a debate, according to you.
  7. EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed you said that you already understood them. Whoops. Hopefully this is still somewhat helpful?
  8. Nodulux

    i am beau

    Underrated thread, 8/10
  9. This is useful advice, but not really what I was looking for... I was specifically curious about off-season practice
  10. We would really appreciate that. It will have to wait till the summer, but I will hit you up for sure.
  11. Hey, so my partner and I will be the only varsity team at our school next year, and we (obviously) want to prepare as much as we can over the summer. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for practice debates, considering there is nobody to debate against besides each other. Should we just have a normal debate, one on one, with extra prep time to make up for CX? Should we focus more on individual speeches? Is there even a point to this, or should we spend our energy on regular drills and argument preparation? Thank you for any help!
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