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  1. I'm down too, I switched from policy to LD last year. PM them to me if you want.
  2. Yeah he's kinda like Hemanth, Hemanth is ridiculously good while not even being too fast Also, I'm pretty sure Harrison RP didn't qual sophomore or freshman year, but he did make it to octos 11th
  3. No idea, sorry. If you go to NSD you'll see them on campus though lol
  4. The ECONOMY DA AKA the best DA in ever to grace policy debate. I've heard Michigan KM went for it every single neg round they debated
  5. VBI is top heavy, which means don't go unless you're qualled for the TOC this year. NSD is ok, the workload is pretty insane though. I've heard great things about TDC. You should really go to an LD camp at least one year in your career because you need to develop arguments and blocks against stupid args that are somehow the norm in LD like tricks, spikes, friv theory, a prioris.
  6. Aden Barton will do it for sure, he's a beast and a freshman. Also think Conal Thomas-McGinnis will do it in LD since he's gone last year and is a sophomore rn (I think?)
  7. welcome to caddo-x.com, enjoy your stay!
  8. Reformism not mutually exclusive Wilderson 16 (Frank B. III, interviewed by Samira Spatzek and Paula von Gleich, "'The Inside-Outside of Civil Society': An Interview with Frank B. Wilderson, III." Black Studies Papers, 2.1 (2016): 4–22, https://www.academia.edu/26032053/_The_Inside-Outside_of_Civil_Society_An_Interview_with_Frank_B._Wilderson_III) The question is, can Black political organizing in Ferguson and Baltimore and these places catch up with that, because unfortunately, we have a problem in that the country is so much more of a police state than it has ever been and you know that just by watching television. When I was in school, if you liked the American flag, if you liked the police, you didn’t have any friends. Now, I find young college students are very slow to say that they hate America, very slow to say that they hate the police. What we’re trying to do now is to infuse an antagonistic orientation in Black people who are white-collar people in college so that their intellectual skills can be enhanced by the orientation that is felt by Black people in the ghetto. If this doesn’t happen they run risk of being anointed and appointed (by the power structure) to manage the anger of Black people in the street, rather than relate to that anger. So that’s a hurdle that we have to overcome. You know, I’ve been doing political education workshops for Black Lives Matter in New York and Los Angeles, and probably will do more in Chicago. And what I hope to have people do workshop exercises around is this concept that I have called “Two Trains Running (Side by Side).” By that I mean, you can do your political organizing that will help us get relief from police brutality right now. We need that. We need that. But that work that we do should be seen as puny in terms of its philosophical and theoretical orientation so that we can educate ourselves politically to be against the police as an institution and against the United States as a country, even while we are working to reform police practices, because we do not have the strength right now that we had in the 1960s and 1970s to act in the way the Black Liberation Army did, or BaaderMeinhof, we do not have the strength to act in the revolutionary mode, but that lack of strength, that lack of capacity, should not contaminate our orientation. We should not feel that we have to accept the existence of police even if we’re working in reformist measures politically. Hopefully this idea of two trains running will pick up. Black Lives Matter has done a great job in opening up a new Black political organizing space. That’s great. Now let’s use that space for an educational project that is soundly anti-American, and soundly anti-police even if tactically, we have to work for police reforms. Some food for thought
  9. Closer to home, one would recognize the terrorist as a figure representing the internal limit of global capitalist society. Far from serving as an obstacle to the ultimate enjoyment in that society, the terrorist provides a barrier where none otherwise exists and thereby serves as the vehicle through which capitalist society attains its enjoyment. The absence of explicit limitations within contemporary global capitalism necessitates such a figure: if terrorists did not exist, global capitalist society would have to invent them. But recognizing the terrorist as the internal limit of global capitalist society would mean the end of terrorism. This recognition would transform the global landscape and deprive would-be terrorists of the libidinal space within which to act. Here's the end of the passage. This is what I got out of the passage as well, but how would I contextualize the "internal limit" when someone asks me what it is in cross-x?
  10. Here's an example: the recognition of the death drive in 1930s Germany would have conceived the figure of the Jew not as the barrier to the ultimate enjoyment that must therefore be eliminated but as the internal limit through which German society attained its enjoyment. As numerous theorists have said, the appeal of Nazism lay in its ability to mobilize the enjoyment of the average German through pointing out a threat to that enjoyment. The average German under Nazism could enjoy the figure of the Jew as it appeared in the form of an obstacle, but it is possible to recognize the obstacle not as an external limit but as an internal one. In this way, the figure of the Jew would become merely a figure for the average German rather than a position embodied by actual Jews. Also, how does enjoyment function? Is it the same thing as desire in psychoanalysis?
  11. They may also be trying out a new argument or something. In the round robin they got a total of 0 wins and 2 ballots total.
  12. Alright, so I found it after scouring around. It's called the Jevons paradox if anyone else was wondering.
  13. Also isn't SDI supposed to be good? I know a lot of the top teams and Coaches' Pick teams have gone there like Blake SW.
  14. No, I don't think it's a scientific effect. I think it's more of a societal effect where when people find out that technology is more efficient, they actually use more energy than before thinking that they're actually using less. Like: Person A consumes 500 energy with old water heater Person A gets a new water heater Person A consumes 1000 energy with new water heater despite the new one being more efficient because Person A has the misunderstanding that he's using less
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