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  1. Just a quick question, what exactly is the difference, if there is one, between digital cap and semiocap?
  2. Rebuttal redos. Sacrifice your social life to the Debate deity and memorize your affirmative by heart. No open tricks or secrets though. Record yourself whenever you're talking.
  3. Just wondering, but what about the Zapatistas? They find enjoyment in life without depending on the suffering of others. Sure, I would acknowledge that a lot of the nice stuff I have is probably from some super distant relatives of mine in China, but then what about the few people here and there who don't depend on the suffering of others to have nice stuff? Should they die too? Also, is it okay if we make a different thread on this? I'm actually very interested in how this thread ended up like. I'll make a link of it to this thread so that y'all don't have to retype everything.
  4. rnakg1234


    I was totally expecting a rick roll right there. But thanks.
  5. Just saying but not all of us are jerks ya know... Apologies for stupidity but how exactly does one become non-binary? iwasadebateronce, on 11 Jun 2015 - 11:34 PM, said: <Insert Thug Life Joke Here> And going by Schopenhauer's logic, being a thug (which can mean brute, cut me some slack), that's an excellent thing. So thank you.
  6. Ummm, about that. Most of us have already quit reading desal except for our team since we were pretty much forced to if we wanted to keep debating. IMO even though we've won plently of rounds on it, both of us think of it as a terrible aff so on online debates, we try to read anything but Desal although I read it once so that I could practice theory. BTW, who are you?
  7. Umm let's see, even though I'm the partner of one of the debaters, I will give an RFD that I hope y'all can believe me when I say it's non-biased Let's start with the problems though- Most of the earlier RFD's (especially Snark's not RFD) answered pretty much everything. My main problem though was that even in the constructives, I thought the debate was kind of sloppy, especially when it's an online debate where you get a few hours or even days to prep. The stuff that was kind of dropped in the warrants, nobody called out, and stuff that wasn't dropped were called out. It was actually kind of funny as I went through the round realizing this. More specific stuff Neg- Omg I wanted to vote for you on so many different things, you seemed to be winning ever since the 2AC and then it all kind of went up in smoke. Despite the fact that I love k's and usually evaluate them first, as the others have said, the alt and link is complete crap and I was expecting you to just scare the aff into over answering and then going for the DA that actually seemed decently imposing throughout the whole round if you blew it up enough. But then you went for the k with an alt that was pretty much wishing to be permed and the shoddiest link in the world. The k you actually went for- Just saying but the link was both generic and terrible for other reasons. You don't even have a reason WHY the aff is capitalist in that card. As for your alt, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? JUST REFORM IT? THAT JUST AIN'T RIGHT! If the aff can prove that they don't link (which would be super easy), they could just concede the impacts, read a perm, but also make a turn saying that a reform would make cap stronger than ever or that unless total rejection happens, cap will become even worse and you know what? I would buy it. DA- Not much to say here, you did decent work on this one, and the aff just didn't seem to be on the right foot. And a note to Kyler, Uehara actually talks about human disease, it's just that it doesn't solve jack for anything apart from atopic allergy dermatitis. And btw, even if they made a claim that the reefs were resilient, a) Take a good look at the real world and I'm 99.99% sure that there's a file somewhere that says that each species loss takes away from our humanity or something like that and that leads to something else c) I'd recommend you find a few more bio-d impacts that don't require total collapse cause I'm sure those exist Case- Lulz please don't use the cold water pip arg, it's really old and every OTEC team has the card saying that they've got the new and improved heat water pipe or something like that which is soooo much cheaper. Also, please answer that beautiful Blue Rise card I found because it's a pretty big game changer that can wipe out the whole warming flow clean and off the map. Now as for the aff Aff- Ummmmm, FOC 13 literally has nothing to do with human disease, so never mind Kyler, I see what you mean now. There were so many arguments on the k's though that could've just wiped them off of the map and nobody could have said anything about it, look above at my comments to him. K- Look above Christine DA- Your Forbes card literally has nothing in it that says they've survived ice ages, atom bombs, or anything else like that. I would have called power tagging (which the neg should have done), and also, Posner 5 could easily have been taken out by the neg just by extending a few warrants from their impact card, just saying. Case- You were pretty solid there, no major problems, and oh that Blue Rise card is beautiful isn't it? Please tell me it is and feed my ego a bit more. Moving on to the rebuttals for both sides To both aff and neg- Tell me why conceding just a few arguments means you won the ENTIRE FLOW? Tell me again how they dropped 90% of those arguments you said they dropped again? Where are your warrants? This would have been so much better if they just let a few things go by while exploding on better calc there with more warranted explanations. If it's good enough, then that measly little arg slipped by could easily have been defended as meaningless, and once again, YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY DROPPING ONE ARGUMENT MEANS THEY LOST THE WHOLE FLOW. A lot more stuff is all already mentioned by the people above I vote aff, the k was a really bad choice, and omg that Blue Rise card is so beautiful. Kind of hard to evaluate neg's case arguments when something so beautiful just slips right by with hardly any answers. But aff wouldn't have even had to worry about the k if they made a few analytics. Neg should have gone for the DA.
  8. I highly reccomend before anything else the Foucault Reader by Rabinow. It's simple (for a philosophy book), easy to read through, but also gives a really good starting point for which way you should go with Foucault. Especially if you're new to this stuff, this is an excellent book.
  9. I'll judge. I enjoy theory debates as long as they make sense and are done well. I highly favor ks and usually evaluate them first although a good framework argument trumps every time. I will vote on anything though. So yes, unless somebody contends THE Chalko, I will look at it like as though if it were legitimate.
  10. Welp, time for #fightclub #j23 Let me go dig around in my cluttered folders and see where the fightclub file I found went.
  11. St. Marks RR, we asked the judges if they were okay with Ligotti but one of the judges said that he thought death is just bad, so that went out the window. Dunno which Aakash it was but I THINK he was from St. Marks too That's an utter fallacy, just because you're running death good doesn't mean that you're trolling, cause we were actually prepared to answer the other team if they knew how to answer it. Also, we rarely trolled outside of practice debates, and I was super try hard in most of the RR rounds cause I was super sick and so were you (except for the round 4 1NR vs Calhoun, dunno what you were doing there). And we rarely ever did a weird DA, the only trolling we did was when we went for cap even though they dropped the CP.
  12. Hmm, in terms of the debate in root cause and such of evils/oppression olympics, what do y'all think about this article? http://thefeministbreeder.com/explaining-white-privilege-broke-white-person/ It talks about how anybody could experience oppression yet certain groups just end up getting privileges and get oppressed from multiple angles. It also talks about social classes too and as a person who believes in the cap=root cause of everything bad, I'll admit to bias.
  13. Happy birthday Snarf the one person I know of with more rep than Snark!
  14. Nothing definitive yet, what do y'all think? http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/nsa-snooping/deal-renew-patriot-act-surveillance-powers-stalls-senate-n367431?cid=sm_fb
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