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  1. Disclosure makes sense if you run a non-topical AC in parli. Also depends if you're doing APDA or NPDA.
  2. I just finished my HS debate career BUT.... I started learning Chinese recently and the author of my textbook also referenced the Kaifeng Jews. I feel like it would be decent ground for some sort of identity politics aff centered around cultural/religious heritage. http://forward.com/news/339909/is-china-cracking-down-on-jewish-community-in-kaifeng/ http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/jewish-troubles-in-kaifeng-china/
  3. I've already read everything I could get from Ahmed. Anything else?
  4. Anyone know of some rounds online with fem rage affs? Also what's the most common literature for this sort of aff?
  5. jai127

    Fem/Queer Lit

    Looking for some decent lit on fem based args (preferably about queer/fem representation within debate); anything would be much appreciated. I didn't want to go for a male/female dichotomy for obvious reasons, so I guess it's more about feminism in regards with heteronormativity. Ty!
  6. jai127

    Fem Perfomance

    Does anyone have some decent fem performance K affs (or videos of them). I'm going to my last tournament ever in my high school career, and I wanted to some that actually fixes the shit in the circuit. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Sidenote: prolly gonna be rejecting the resolution. Also this is going to be run @ a circuit parli tournament so it doesn't necessarily have to be specific to the res.
  7. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-iola-478621108 Here's Sam Iola
  8. jai127

    Queer Alts?

    I have this reproductive futurism based argument I'm working on but I'm having a bit of trouble with Edelman's death drive. Is there anything else stronger as an alt than "embrace the death drive"?
  9. jai127


    What's a D rule?
  10. jai127

    Michigan KM

    I was looking around the forums and saw that a couple people had fully cut out Michigan KM's queer suicide bomber advocacy from 2-3 years ago. Anyone down to send me the file/literature?
  11. jai127

    Hauntology Lit

    Looking for literature/cards (doesn't have to pertain to this year's topic) on hauntology: SPECTRES OF MARX + any other articles/journals/etc you might have. I shall be eternally grateful if said knowledge is provided to me! TY
  12. UPDATE: they went for 3 Ks, 2 DAs, responded to all of case, and had 30 seconds to spare. Dropped in octos because parli judges are basura!
  13. Yeah I am, but they happen to be attending this parli tournament I also happen to be going to this weekend (and this is a flow tournament with policy judges), so they'll probably be running this aff at some point.
  14. There's this really good team in our region (They have 4 bids already!) and I'm somewhat confused about their case. http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/St+Vincent+de+Paul/Martin%2DHunter+Aff How would I respond to this?
  15. I have a tournament in 2 weeks and I don't think I'll have enough time to read all of "Red, White, and Black". What chapters should I be reading?
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