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  1. laurele

    Fem/Queer Lit

    In terms of affs abt the lack of women in debate, the killjoy is pretty common. that's from feminist killjoys and other willful subjects by sara ahmed. it's gont sme pretty good stuff that you can apply to debate. you can also pm me if you're interested in other debate specific evidence!
  2. Senior you will miss most: emma Best judge: ryan endsley (thanks for judging us 3 tomes at puget sound and 2 times at u of o) Best coach: keith Best squad/school: oes bc holy shit! Best team: south Best novice team: those cool oes novices Best aff team: south probably Best neg team: also south probably but oak hill rt is close second Best kritik debater: beau probably Best straight-up policy debater: CONRAD god Best negative position: ballot commod Best aff: fem killjoy, penises, Most untopical aff: that one aff clack was running at rcrr Funniest offcase argument you heard: "dogs sniff continuously" Worst Judge RFD: same as conrad, sorry south )) Most persuasive speaker(s): cyrus? maybe Most helpful person: probably henry Most hardworking debater: jon lee Fastest debater: jon lee Best debater overall: conrad bc im biased The best team next year: south probably but oak hill st should be pretty cool Squad to watch out for next year: oak hill! beau and conrad will be unstoppable. also sam barlow! Funniest debater: beau Most fun debater to judge/watch: idk Most improved debater: louis Most improved team: oes or south Most Underrated team: definitely beau and emma, a close second is sam barlow
  3. when conrad doesn't say that you're the senior he'll miss most.... Senior you will miss most: emma Best judge:Mark Little, people who vote for me... Best coach: Keith Eddins!!! Best squad/school: OES probably Best team: Lincoln-SY, maybe OES GL Best novice team: Oak Hill HN or MM or any of those configurations Best aff team: OHS RT bc Beau runs weird shit that I hate Best neg team: who knows yet. Best 1a: eh Best 2a: Conrad bc remember that one time he gave a 2ar and then went to the emergency room Best 1n: idk Best 2n: i literally can't remember who's a 2n Best kritik debater: ?? beau maybe bc nobody understands his ks which i think is the sign that you've made it Best straight-up policy debater: Conrad Best negative position: executive order cp ftw (jkjk pls no) Best aff: .... Most untopical aff: IDK, probably whatever South is running (i copied that from Conrad bc it's true) Funniest offcase argument you heard: "cap good" Funniest/worst Judge RFD: that time I lost on condo Most persuasive speaker: soren?? I think Most helpful person: I would say shawn lee but he doesn't exist in Oregon anymore so... probably conrad Most hardworking debater: literally all my team people, idk how hard other people work Fastest debater: Brian Yang Best debater overall: brian The best team next year: ? Squad to watch out for next year: Lincoln, OES Funniest debater: EMMA ROSANDER esp during cx Most fun debater to judge/watch: idk Most improved debater: kate maybe Most improved team: OHS ES Most Underrated team:
  4. laurele

    Oregon State

    unfortunately, yes
  5. shit, i need a new safety school
  6. Sorry for the double post, but if you pm me i can send you some stuff if you need any of the arguments that i listed
  7. I used to run a case kind of like this, and some of the starts that i saw were Anthro Eco managerialism India CP Japan CP ptx bioprospecting DA I haven't seen it used but there are some really good links to biopower that I've found securitization the japan cp is pretty weak though unless you do it right
  8. Yeah, I actually do parli at times so that's something I'd definitely be open to. I've been looking for parli teams though and most of them for the colleges I would be at all interested in seem to be really casual which isn't what I'm looking for I actually live in the pnw and I don't want to go super close to home but I am planning on applying to Whitman (they also have a pretty good policy team, so that's nice, plus I know their debate coach)
  9. I'm a high school junior and I'm trying to narrow down where to apply. I know I really want college debate, but a lot the programs that I've seen are larger or state universities (nothing against these at all, just my own learning style just doesn't really work in these kinds of places). I've been looking at some smaller, liberal arts colleges but I haven't been finding too many debate programs there. So do any of you know of some good debate programs (ones that are actually competitive, not just 'eh we'll go to one or two tournaments a year' programs, at small colleges?
  10. I'm pretty sure that (at least last year) Thurston wasn't actually an NFL team, so they literally couldn't participate in the tournament. Idk about this year, but they've been to about three tournaments all year so I doubt they'll be there. Hopefully they'll be at state quals, though.
  11. Nah, I've totally never ever run that My friend has a book on batman and philosophy, actually!
  12. I've seen and run a ton of different alts on cap ks, so which is y'alls favorite?
  13. I'm going to be a senior next year, and right now I'm more policy but I want to learn more about the K
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