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  1. danhep

    AT PIKs

    Solvency deficit - prove how the K doesn't solve for the case. Then just answer the K as usual
  2. I was actually thinking of a K aff of biopower
  3. Anybody have any good articles/cards talking about biopower in US CJS/Courts - jury nullification specifically.
  4. danhep

    Wilderson Aff?

    Yeah that's a bit of a stretch. I might run Wilderson on neg and go for methods.
  5. danhep

    Wilderson Aff?

    How does Wilderson work on the aff? I'm thinking of running some sort of race k on the aff (LD - Jury nullification topic).
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyunl8c4lcueg6y/Neg%20v%20KAA99.docx?dl=0 - This doc contains 1NC AND 2NR
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