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  1. Foucault power/knowledge pdf? Thx
  2. Was going to vote on bookchin but changed ma mind AFF Lel
  3. Really short rfd, srry Not speech by speech, but here I felt OTEC really can't solve aq<-- *clover 7 card* Aff basically won on case By my understanding, it's more of a consumption k than cap. Eco sec - Aff wins that alt fails but didn't win turn Coral reefs da is stupid, I say Aff solves this Basically, I vote aff cuz perm should solve, gg was fun Btw, if you're from Coppell don't you usually read desal? Sidenote: Aff, I would have gone hard on fw Neg, go straight like case and personally I would have run military cp but -.-
  4. Just now reading the speeches and I have a question... Tell me in your own words how OTEC obtains the aq adv
  5. Forgot I was judging.... And 2nr is already up lol
  6. "Drilling"...* Walks away Do you have a pdf of red white and black?
  7. I once ran against a girls k since my partner said guys to an all girls team -.-
  8. Do you think that biopower is already one of the "core" affs that everyone is going to read
  9. lol, i havent been on in a week, but anyways.... What is generally the most common version of the security k, and can i have a very brief summary? btw, is foucault technically security k- lit?
  10. i just started reading AO, and its sort of confusing for me....so i'd like to join
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