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  1. Yesss the best of the west. Clovis North let's get it.
  2. You're all forgetting Clovis North HP
  3. I mean some of the best debaters who are white happen to run it and are relatively successful...
  4. There's an article on common core and its relation to coloniality so that's a possible neg strat
  5. http://www.academia.edu/3384301/_Draft_In_the_Fiat_of_Dreams_The_Delusional_Allure_of_Hope_the_Reality_of_Anti-Black_Violence_and_the_Demands_of_the_Anti-Ethical This works right?
  6. Do y'all know any articles that supports: "the role of the judge is to be an antiethical decision maker"? I'm running a race aff and the ethics of the solvency method is questionable.
  7. I'm not read up on any obscure authors such as Baudrillard or DnG, and I'm running a race aff. Where would I start for making answers to these authors?
  8. Are there any articles that talks about the relation between ableism and Blackness? Also, how would an Ableism K get links to an aff centered on Blackness, and what would be the best strategy to counter such a K?
  9. Affhole

    Perf Con

    How do i set up it up? is it just like any other theory argument where i state my interpretation, standards, and voters? Or do i just state the reasons as to why it's bad and then give my voters?
  10. Do you ever flash/ not flash evidence during your rounds? I mean, i know it'd be nice to do and all, but could i get voted down for doing that? What's happened to your team as a result of not flashing evidence? (if you have done so of course)
  11. I need a card that says the realm we live in is not capitalistic, but rather neoliberal. So, if a team ran cap against me i wanna make the arg that my plan doesn't link to cap because we live in the era of neoliberal and neg is focusing on the early 1900's cap. Anybody have a card that fits the description?
  12. What is a PIC? or a PIK? when the word "floating" is added is the definition changed? Does it mean i left it unaddressed? Also, does the neg mention in their speeches if they run or bring up a pic? And, how would i respond?
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