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    I am the 1A/2N and if you have questions about our strat we are more than happy to answer them because everyone should learn about DnG. My email is henrylininga@gmail.com or if you dont trust me just start like 30 threads about our aff like Oak Hill

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  1. Answer to question 1: If we're dying in 2 years then who cares if we learn about gov Answer to question 2: Alt isn't relflection on death -- its to not think of death the way you do -- if you do the mindset of the alt then it severs discourse and makes the perm have no net benefit because your impact is no longer bad.
  2. Fiat is rationalist by excluding the emotive part of decision making -- we grow to only think of decisions in a purely rational way -- means we hate and demonize affect = violence --- the card is about dionysian and appollonian publics -- appollonian ones have a will towards truth, reason, and higher thought -- that is emblematic of fiat -- Dionysus is the god of partying, goin wild, wine, tragedy, joy, and the now -- basically a bunch of shit that describes everything Nietzsche champions -- embrace the will to power -- usurp the future -- take up the ecstasy that is the present
  3. While slightly nepotistic, can I just throw out there the prediction that my fantastic cousin Julia Lininger will come to dominate the circuit by the end of next year. Second, I know Leo and I haven't really debated in Oregon much this year, but we want to more next year, so which were the best tournaments in your guys' opinions that you would suggest going to? Looking forward to debating everyone again!
  4. Antonio is not talking about actors in a film, he is talking about the Nietzschean concept of an actor IE both you and I are actors or the USFG is an actor in the sense that they have agency to act.
  5. Whats peoples' thoughts on the Antonio 95 card. From what I hear it is fire
  6. We run two kritiks in the 1NC -- can't go wrong with Antonio 95
  7. henrylininger


    First and foremost, running DnG in debate is not strategic A. Construction of a value system is necessary for judging a round which Deleuze indicts, and it double turns the criticism B. The argument that some limits can be good is very compelling, and thus drawing the line the way you have to for most link stories is very easy to beat C. Microfascism bad is definitely a totalizing argument Anyway, despite my inclinations to tell you to find a different author (Baudrillard/Lacan/Marx), the arguments I would prep are as follows: the stupid fight club turn about DnG, args about fluid identity bad for black and native bodies, co-option arguments, state good, limits inevitable, limits good, microfascism good, all of the things I said above, that one card about the Israeli military using Deleuze, and that card about Deleuze and Pol Pot. Other than that, its your generic K answers
  8. I can probably count the times the argument "this is high theory bullshit" has won a round on one hand If you want arguments that functionally say the same thing, get contextual ones to the criticism IE Lacan's theories are non-falsifiable, Baudrillard is wrong about hyperreality, Deleuze is wrong about the nature of becoming, etc. If you want to say this is high theory bullshit look up the Balsas 6 card about Baudrillard
  9. Hey you know what would be cool this year? If everybody disclosed on the wiki (:
  10. Hey you know what would be cool this year? If everybody disclosed on the wiki (:
  11. Look forward to seeing everyone at state!
  12. Especially the part about our bid taking like 6 tournaments. We were relatively lucky to be honest.
  13. Im trying not to post anymore but I wanna throw out there that I agree with 100% of what Shawn says and that Jon and Kaycie are OG's and always will be.
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