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  1. So the Condition CP would be conditional in this case? Or would the kritik be considered the conditional argument? Also, if I ran both of these arguments, would I wait until the 2nc, after the 2ac has brought it up, to run the condo good theory? Or would I run condo good with my 1nc?
  2. Alright, yeah that's what I thought!
  3. Okay, so I know you're not really supposed to pull a CP and K at the same time unless you're going to kick something and go for theory concerning that. HOWEVER: For a human rights neg, would it be okay to pull a complexity K that basically says you can't solve a complex problem with a simple solution, and a Conditions CP, that adds more onto the plan so that the plan has more steps. Because, if you think about it, aren't you kind of following the Kritik in that you are making the solution more complicated to solve a complicated system of problems? This probably would contradict each other, but I just wanted to make sure... Thank you~
  4. So I pretty much understand them, but when exactly would you run dispo or condo in the round? Like what speech, where in the speech? ~thanks!
  5. Are you referring to the CBM aff on openev currently? Because the plan text and evidence hat supports that one is pretty different from adopting a no first use policy similar to that of China's. Edit: I just noticed it's CBM and NFU... disregard haha..
  6. I'm not sure what you're asking. You want to run a new disad in the 2NR? Or you want to show how the disad is a NB of the cp in the 2nr? Edit: Ahhh ok. Yeah framing and impact calculus is your friend.
  7. https://www.cross-x.com/topic/48335-official-thread-conditionality/?hl=condo I don't know if you've already through this thread, but it really helped me when understanding condo !!
  8. Thank you!! So for the dispo- if the neg says kick the k or cp, and they're saying that because the aff permed it or attacked its solvency? Then the aff would read dispo bad in the..1ar? And for the condo- the neg just kicks the argument to defend the status quo instead? Why would the negative want to drop their argument? Because if the aff isn't attacking it and that's not the reason why (otherwise it would be dispo) then why would the neg ever drop their advocacy? Because they think it's stronger to defend the squo or something? If that's the case, why did they run that argument to begin with? Sorry for all the questions haha
  9. stephaniRhodes


    Okay, so I've seen two main theory arguments being run by affs: Condo and dispo Just a couple questions: 1.Why would an aff run either one of these? 2.When would an aff run these ( circumstance and what speech) 3. What's the difference between both and what are they? ~Thanks
  10. "Advantage 2 Everyone Dies" Reminds me of a few k alts I've come across
  11. Oh haha this isn't my file! this is the first card from the UMICH camp's framework files. That's why I didn't understand what the point of it was. But that helps thank you!
  12. Okay so I thought I had finally understood framework. But it looks like I don't. I get the overall objective is to mold the round into how you want it to be debated. It's theory right? I'm not sure. Anyways, how would the following paragraph be of any use in a round? What's the point in saying this? Ok, policy debate is good? I don't understand why you would want to say this. Isn't the affirmative already following what you're saying by introducing 1ac about something controversial and public? How would you answer this as an aff I don't get the point. Thanks in advance for any insight you might have! framework.docx
  13. Thanks much!! I think I understand severence perms too after looking around, just not intrinsic
  14. Just a few quick questions, thanks! What is switch side debate theory? What are intrinsic perms? Are severence perms basically the aff only takes parts of the aff and parts of the cp to make a perm? if so isn't that pretty abusive What are agent CP's? What are consult CP's? I'm sorry there are so many questions but I've just started to get really into theory. ~~Thank you for any questions you can answer!!!
  15. Terror DA's Circumvention Curtail means eliminate T's Backdoors aff every round (when I was neg anyways) Edit: Let's not forget the varying percentages of what substantial means. But that seems to happen every year so
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