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  1. wilerson also goes on to say that there's a difference between non-black folks being engaged in a debate with it and them actually running it, specifically "we're reaching an era where afro pess is edgy and sexy yet people prefer to hear it from an asian or white candidate...i think afro pess in the hands of non blacks is a new form of critique." (not sure i perfectly transcribed it). It's up to you to interpret what that means but I would generally steer clear from reading wilderson, especially against a team where one/both members are black. Also, why do you want to read this aff? like why specifically choose an afropessimism/antiblackness aff?
  2. is there anyone streaming for today?
  3. also is there a challonge this year or nah?
  4. who's streaming tomorrow? monica is leaving tonight bc she has an exam tomorrow
  5. you should find a team from another school who you're really chill with and maybe do some practice rounds with them; that's what my partner and I do (we're also our school's only circuit policy team) Also, do a lot of rebuttal redoes
  6. oh just wondering; i think i talked to you a couple of times on the chat
  7. @tommy949 jw, are you the tommy chen that in chat a lot?
  8. I could totally see umkc JF winning it
  9. Hey all! Does anyone know if any CEDA rounds will be streamed and, if so, where to find them?
  10. are there any good lit out there specific to china and written by chinese authors?
  11. jenxtang

    K O/V help

    I originally put a list of links/impacts in all of my k overviews but a judge told me to put that on the line by line which is why i switched to a long paragraph explanation thing but I'm not really sure if that's the best structure. What's the best way to structure a k overview?
  12. jenniferxtang@gmail.com lmao
  13. What are some good one week camps in the middle of summer that aren't the Wake Early Bird? I'm going to be a junior next year and I run mainly critical args
  14. one of the best elections DA link/ I/L chain i've ever heard lol
  15. Title is p explanatory. Anyone have specific authors or books?
  16. Title is p explanatory. My friend needs this for an essay but are there any evidence (especially articles) that says that womyn don't participate in debate as much as men? Statistics would be rad. Also, preferably stuff on high school debate but stuff on college debate would be great too.
  17. Title is p explanatory. I know one week camps aren't great in general but one of my (now) novices wants to go to camp but can only go to a one week camp at the start of summer
  18. what do you mean by probability? assuming your kritik has a bare life or a biopower impact, the probability of the impact should be 100% since your impact is happening right now (remember that k impacts do not need to have uniqueness)
  19. inherency is basically a question of is something happening in the status quo right now or not. Usually plans should be inherent because there's no point in implementing an aff plan that's already happening in the status quo (not speaking for counterfactual affs of course)
  20. Do you know what specific argument you want to get into? (i.e. model minority, kuaer theory, etc)
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