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    Avast me hardies, as I was diggin' through me old booty i found the good ol' pirates affirmative, but parrrrrrrts of it arrrrrrrrrrre quite harrrrrrrrrrrrrd to understand for an ol' pirate like me self with no literacy skills. The affirmative has evidence from the great pirates Deleuze, Guattarrrrrrrrrrrrri, Kuhn, etc. It would be great if one of ye' scurvy dogs would explain the gist of the aff to me. Kind Regarrrrrrrds, Captain Yeet. Deleuze Pirates Georgetown 2014.docx
  2. Can anyone give me their experience with UNT policy debate camp, ups, downs, etc.
  3. ^ This, Adam Martin is a God. Watched his Glenbrooks round and things haven't been the same since.
  5. What exactly is a hidden Security satellite K? Thanks again, yeet
  6. Thanks MartyP, I now understand the K Aff better, but there is one thing I did not quite understand/want you to rephrase in simpler terms. What exactly do you mean when you say "This exceptionalism argument is also a fairly sneaky Security satellite K" essentially how is there a hidden Security satellite K"? I really do appreciate your response, yeet
  7. I would like someone to help better explain the Critical Mapping Affirmative that is attached, I have a very limited understanding of the K Aff. Also, in this case what exactly would the 2AC say other than answering the negs args? I understand that; We are using maps as sort of a representation of geopolitics, resources, etc rather than actual representation of location, we use these maps for imperialism which is still practiced today. (Correct me if i'm wrong) Thanks in advance, Yeet Critical Mapping Affirmative - JDI 2014.docx
  8. yeet


    Check open evidence for some answers to dedev, try to find generics first then go for case specific if there is that one team in your circuit that runs dedev.
  9. Can confirm, am on team (partner of Kappatilism actually) as well. Coach would prob kick us out of debate as a whole if we ran it.
  10. There are much better troll args to run... Also, chances are you won't be voted up by many judges unless you somehow run the Counter Plan to a serious extent which even then many judges still deny a vote to the Neg. Surpirsed you've heard of these and not Consult Ashtar or Timecube...
  11. What exactly did you lose on when trying the strat you named, what was the RFD? Secondly what was the perm to the China CP?
  12. I've seen a TOC bid round where this K was read, and particularly what the aff did was basically read how the negs argument didn't work. The scenario was slightly different though, rather it was a sort of turn to nuclear war tied into death good. Neg says nuclear war good, we need to die iirc they read some Schopenhauer. Aff says wont nukes cause suffering, neg argues its quick and the only way to do so, so the aff read cards saying that there is suffering with nukes, being burned alive, etc.
  13. First off, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Policy Debate. Next off, lets talk about Affs. Find an Aff that you understand completely, dont choose one that looks good because some varsity team runs it. You need an aff you understand, and an aff with good advantages you can fully support, make sure your partner is compliant with it as well. Lets start with the basics, every aff needs inherency, solvency, advantages and a plantext, not having one of these could cost you the round. You an find a list of previously cut affs on open evidence, link here http://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/bin/2014/Affirmatives but I highly recommend you run some of the affs the above have listed (your usual OTEC, Aquaculture, etc.). Make sure that the 2AC on your team creates blocks for specific argument the neg will run, you can find plenty of answers to; on open evidence. As for counterplans, run anything you thing is good, remember the neg's case isn't just made up of a single counterplan, don't forget the kritiks and other offcase args. As usual, counterplans, kritiks, and other offcase can be found on open evidence. Make sure your counterplan applies to the situation, meaning it solves for their advantages, has a net benefit, etc.
  14. You too fellow coppellian. Aff seems fairly decent, thanks.
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