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  1. THEY LOST A BALLOT MEANS THERE ROOTED IN WHITENESS, also Hispanics are white you conceded that NO NEW ARGUMENTS. So please check your privilege bc im going blind from all the whitness from your posts.
  2. So i didnt say that Nietzsche was racsit but will to power - becuase black people dont have any power. Furthermore if the author is racist than their theories are also rooted in whitness, and should be rejected on face. Also according to my bro Wilderson hispanic ppl are also white and the fact that you try to gain legitmiacy from this is directly rooted in whitness. So i ask that you check your privledge. Also OKlahoma CL is raicst and their nazis cs they read Heidegger - we should reject watever they said as it is once again rooted in whitness
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  4. Nietzsche's WTP is racist you should not be reading it
  5. Fairness isint a voter 1. Fairness isn’t a voter as it’s subjective to whoever is making the judgment of fairness – there is no absolute bright line of what is ‘too unfair’ or sufficient to pull the trigger, so any vote on fairness is a form of intervention which is contradictory to the ideal of fairness itself. 2. The only objective measurement of fairness is our equal speech times and 50/50 chance of being aff . 3. Fairness has no intrinsic value to be protected – if it was a voter, we’d prefer activities such as competitive coin flipping.
  6. I can feel the wilderson storm brewing
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    Semis of Blake in LD
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