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    Who do you think is going to win? Anyone interested in doing a bracket for elims?
  2. I really thought this podcast was interesting. http://www.radiolab.org/story/debatable/ "Unclasp your briefcase. It’s time for a showdown. In competitive debate future presidents, supreme court justices, and titans of industry pummel each other with logic and rhetoric. But a couple years ago Ryan Wash, a queer, Black, first-generation college student from Kansas City, Missouri joined the debate team at Emporia State University. When he started going up against fast-talking, well-funded, “name-brand” teams, it was clear he wasn’t in Kansas anymore. So Ryan became the vanguard of a movement that made everything about debate debatable. In the end, he made himself a home in a strange and hostile land. Whether he was able to change what counts as rigorous academic argument … well, that’s still up for debate."
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    Best Wiki Pages

    LASA's wiki has the best disclosure I have seen. They post open source 2AC and 2NC answers as well. In the round report they discuss specific strategies for the 2AR too.http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Liberal+Arts+And+Science/
  4. How do you open a copy of the webpage from the file?
  5. How do you access the webpage from there?
  6. can I have those prereq cards?
  7. Here is an Aff I made for fun in two days. It relates to existentialism/postmodernism. Includes two advantages: Search for Meaning and Restructuring of history. This has some pretty weak links and impacts. (and a weird plan text) Feel free to edit and run this argument. I can give 2ac FW blocks to anyone who wants them. I have never run this before. Someone please do. Here it is:GOULD'S BOOK OF FISH AFF.docx
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