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  1. YDel

    Perm against Cap

    Can someone please tell me how to win the permutation in the 2ar against Capitalism. (In detail please)
  2. Can someone help help with how nuke war outweighs ocean biodiversity with 1st: magnitude, 2nd: timeframe, and 3rd probability?
  3. YDel


    So I do I use this arg in a debate round to win the debate?
  4. YDel


    Against anti-blackness, what does institutions are inevitable mean? Or a better way to phrase this question, how can I apply this argument in a debate to actually win?
  5. YDel


    That was the last
  6. YDel

    Aquaculture DAs

    If the aqauculture aff has an economy advantage, you can dedev them
  7. YDel


    What is the best way to cut a TVA?
  8. Do you think there is a card that says the USFG should develop/explore the ocean without technology? That would be AMAZING!!!
  9. I know you can read it on the neg, but is there any specific way there is a topical version of virilio you can read on the aff?
  10. YDel

    TVA for Hydrofem

    I am currently cutting tvas for my debate team and I can't think of a tva (topical version of the aff) for hydrofem. Help please!
  11. Does anyone have any ideas on a topical version of the Virilio K aff because I am struggling to think of one?
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