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  1. Steinberg and Freeley '11
  2. I think he was being sarcastic as that's really not what Bataille says and was probably explaining the conception of Bataille that most debaters have and extending it in relation to the overarching question of "What does Bataille say?" I don't think Bataille was an existential nihilist, nor believed that institutions were useless; he was anarchist, yes, but he was not entirely in opposition to institutions themselves, especially if zones of communication. I'd take that as a sufficent response to "you link to your own K", assuming no FW was read, I'd have to go with the standard "Aff must defend a topical plan" stuff and assume that since the Aff failed to adequately defend the resolution/their plan, they should lose as the only role of the negative in that round would be to prove the aff plan is bad; I'd see that as a reason why the aff is bad. I don't think reading this argument would necessarily make you a "bad debater" either, nor does the person being hit with this argument make them a bad debater as well; it also doesn't mean that reading a "real" argument against another debater, makes that debater a good debater; you're missing a lot of internal links with regards to why reading this argument might mean they're doing it for the lulz; too me it seems that yes it would be very ass-holey but it doesn't mean he's a bad debater.
  3. I don't think this is entirely true; yes the state engages in deregulation, and yes the state interferes a lot ; but neoliberalism is not a form of State Capitalism. Neoliberalism is about state interference with regards to problems in the economy; for instance, say certain worker rights are halting productivity, the state goes in and gets rid of worker rights. This is a form of government intervention, while simultaneously being a form of deregulation. Also, lets not forget that neoliberalism isn't just one thing; rather is described in various different ways through the works of Giroux, Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, Hardt and Negri, Baudrillard, etc.; neoliberalism is constantly changing, which supports Deleuze and Guattari interpretation of it, meaning it can mean many different things; but I believe the oscillation between State intervention and Deregulation is a principle of neoliberal governmentality.
  4. Is it Stavrakakis? It's probably Stavrakakis
  5. Trading for some Wounded Attachments Blocks - go lots to trade, pm me
  6. What would be the best way to answer an Anti-Blackess K while running a colonialism aff? The method is decolonization of the mind
  7. How does one go about answering a K aff centered on identity? For instance, the aff Centennial KK runs on the myth of the model minority - how would one go about answering that aff; or just answering the myth of the model minority in general?
  8. Teams have read this against me before when i run the Cap K so I have two questions: What is this and how do I answer it? Thanks Also - what does it mean when the aff says "At the very least we should get to way our aff against the K" does that just mean that the aff is able to do impact comparison against the K? How would the negative go about answering that - would the Zizek and Daly '04 evidence (Combating cap is an ethical priority) be a sort of answer to this) or...?
  9. Yeah I understand that but how would one go about answering that? Also what's the impact to SSD? Doesn't the idea of SSD justify reading the criticism on the aff?
  10. Running a K aff I've hit this argument multiple times; most teams, however, never articulate it good enough for them to win on this argument (mind you they've beaten me on other things) - What is "switch side debate" and how does a K aff answer it? Specifically, how would a DnG K aff answer it?
  11. What is symbolic exchange, and how does it operate with reversibility in context of Baudrillard? Also, whats reversibility? I recently hit a team running these two I didn't know what they were
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