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  1. hi! i didn't get to finish the finals round of the ndt and only watched up to the 1ar. that being said, i would like to know what else happened in the debate but fully respect those who don't want the round up anymore. did anyone flow the debate and would be willing to post their flow?
  2. i was in this lab last year (all of these lab leaders were swing lab leaders) and i can honestly say this is one of, if not the best choices for camps this year. i learned so much from all of these people and i would seriously look into it. i am not sure if i can attend camp but if i can, i want it to be this lab. 100/10 would recommend
  3. anyone have any decent dissent good cards? i know it's a really simple find but i'm bad at debate so sorry
  4. I've thought about running one before, but I'm not sure of any narratives besides the 1984 narrative I saw someone talk about on here awhile ago. Any ideas?
  5. SORRY I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED THIS TWICE I AM GARBAGE. the new question is how do i delete this post
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