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  1. Did you go to Spartan Debate Institute this year??
  2. Peninsula Tambe Wang? I'm predicting new Blake SW here
  3. Will and I STAND resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance. Problematic wording there?
  4. I think it got combined into the K lab at UMich- i know someone is doing a 7 week K lab at Michigan and Michigan KM is leading that, which I'm guessing is the Xylum lab but longer.
  5. I don't think straight Nietzsche is ever a good idea. I think you're talking about the Deleuze 86 card but I might be wrong ??? I think a more nuanced version of Nietzsche like a Nietzschean Security K with Der Derian etc is more strategic than just a generic one-off Nietzsche K that says "action = ressentiment and that's bad" because that just becomes an uphill battle for you to win.
  6. I'm not sure if you can run a counterPLAN against a kritikal affirmative that doesn't defend a plan because there is no plan to counter against. You can't say "My partner and I demand blank" and then counterplan to say "The USFG should demand blank." However, counteradvocacies and PICs (or AIKs in this instance i guess) are something you should worry about. A counteradvocacy just says that we can advocate for something else to resolve the same harms mentioned in your 1AC.
  7. but what about the "We" PIC lol
  8. For UTNIF lab placement, I think tournament record during the season matters less because I'm pretty sure they do a demo debate to determine placement into which lab. So definitely apply to UTNIF as soon as possible.
  9. You could, but you would prob have to get into the severance/intrinsic perm theory debate and most people don't find them very fun...
  10. The level of debaters that has gone to UTNIF has dropped significantly. A year ago the level was very high with Caddo Magnet CM, Westwood BR, and Katy Taylor AL (Alattor-Li) all going with over 6 bids all going to UTNIF, but since then the camp's level hasn't been as high. Regardless, as the post above me said, they have very good k lab leaders and will probably be a worthwile camp to go to anyways.
  11. Look at the Foucault aff from UTNIF (it's on openev)- the entire aff is based on a genealogical excavation of surveillance apparatuses starting from Philippines. AKA McCoy cards
  12. I disagree with that- I think running a K aff is strategic in that the only two arguments you REALLY have to be worried about is framework and the Cap K. Reading a more kritikal policy aff leaves you open to every counterplan, DA, AND any easy links to kritiks that criticize state action. I've read a middle of the road aff all year, and while it was beneficial in that it was easy to garner link turns to a lot of kritiks, any alright Counterplan-DA strategy could easily win you the debate.
  13. yeah wake is specifically geared to practice debates and rebutall redoes- for the entire week (7 days) you do three practice debates and three rebuttal redoes a day ending up getting 21 prac debates/rebuttal redoes
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