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  1. eh I wouldn't be so sure about that. in oregon, it actually seems to be doing okay (improving? hard to say, but definitely not declining rapidly) and it's not like you see massive decline in attendance at bid tournaments etc (actually I think a lot had more teams than years past).
  2. sure! so IIRC I would wake up at 7:20ish and run from 7:30 until about 8:30, then shower + eat stuff I bought at CVS/brought (incl. instant coffee, a godsend) then generally that was enough time to be ready to go by 9 when most lectures/stuff started. I did this 6/7 days per week (in order to average 35 or so miles per week, idk what ur weekly milage is) dartmouth is really great for running, it just took me a while to figure out where the good running is. normally I would run either (this)[http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/263762289/] "safe six" which I think is a really good everyday miledge run – it has a light climb, but it also features nice pretty running and a long downhill – once I figured this one out I ran it with the occasional variation the majority of the time. usually I would make this five by cutting off the bit where you run around the pond at the end and heading straight back to the dorm. (this)[http://northstar-www.dartmouth.edu/~whamblen/running/?DB_OEM_ID=11600] "turnpike" is one that I liked as well to kind of put variation in it – it has a short climb at the start and end but other than that it's very nice, long and flat for a weekly long run, it's easy to extend it as well which is nice. there are (other short runs)[http://www.mapmyrun.com/us/hanover-nh/rip-road-route-33233] that you can do, and if you look on mapmyrun you can pretty easily find other runs. however, after trying a lot of them by the end of my 5 weeks I was pretty reliable with just those two and some variations (boring, I know). if I had to warn against anything it is going down to Mink Brook which you can see at the bottom of the map – the trails there I found were kinda constraining, confusing and not very long as well as extremely hilly. same goes for the golf course (although I did run through there on the way back from the "safe six" a few times, there are a lot of trails branching off of the golf course if you like trail running that you might enjoy). there is a track (here)[https://www.google.com/maps?num=100&espv=2&q=dartmouth+track&biw=1278&bih=702&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi7wLGGybDMAhVPymMKHSsVCZEQ_AUIBygB] that is open during the summer (at least last year) that I would run on for doing workouts/when I couldn't be bothered to do actual miledge/whatever. that's definitely a pretty safe bet. honestly dartmouth is a very pretty and nice place to run at least while I was there – some of the most fun I had was when exploring to try and find good routes, so I wouldn't warn against that too much. please ask me if u have any follow up questions! hope you have some great runs at DDI. (also if anyone is seeing this and has running recommendations for ann arbor, hit me up) edit: it seems as if my formatting didn't work but I think you can figure out what I was going for
  3. have fun! I went last year and loved it. can't think of any great tips. it's a great camp. if you want any tips on distance running at dartmouth (I ran in the mornings before lectures) I can help you out w that but other than that idk what a tip would be
  4. we will be there. should be hype. see you all there!
  5. this is 100% true – Jon is an amazingly hard worker, probably the best debater I know (esp. w/ argument diversity, who knew you could read more than two different Ks), & inspires me to attempt to do as much work as he does. much support for clack, doing a great job reviving oregon debate. if anyone's overrated it could be us, 2/6 on bids is a good point.
  6. looking forward to facing them! hopefully we'll hit them this weekend. Was v sad we didn't get to debate at the RR.
  7. Hey, that's us! I do agree that the competition was easier than usual, but I mean it still wasn't a walk in the park. Hopefully we can prove ourselves by doing well into the future, though.
  8. Hey Thurston - Are ya'll still running hydrates? or have you switched to a new aff?
  9. Is there any way I can buy this online as a file download and not as a DVD? I'm kind of curious about it but can't really justify paying for the DVD format
  10. Seconding this, I was in the same lab and it was a great place to start for incoming to freshman year (had 3 years experience as well but not in Policy) but you could probably do better if you're a sophomore in your third year of debate already.
  11. what is judge adaptation all I know are dolphins and whales
  12. All caps is cruise control for cool. In all seriousness, idk why you put this here but I think disclosure is actually increasing in Oregon (I saw oak hill made a wiki page and I assume they're gonna post stuff on it so props to them) ... so get on the bandwagon and disclose, if you haven't already
  13. Huh? The CP was DOD, how could naval readiness link in? We kicked the States CP. It wasn't a great round, but still... Regardless, it didn't end up amounting to anything so it's fine.
  14. The net benefit was the naval readiness DA and Politics... And for some reason he just didn't weigh the naval readiness DA. Shitty round all around regardless, could've swung both ways as that judge was so bad, I would've rather had Susan McClain as at least she knows what she's doing somewhat unlike this guy and his first time judging.
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