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  1. you can read (good) case turns and have your partner take those. or go two off, K and T - 5 mins of T in the 1NR
  2. EFC

    Good K's

    Security, Cap, Fem IR, Orientalism, etc. are all pretty topic spec and not very high theory.
  3. https://muse.jhu.edu/article/520025 https://muse.jhu.edu/article/520024 you could look into articles such as these ^
  4. EFC


    Instead of asking people here, I think you should try to convince your A team that refusing to explain an argument to you is both rude and harmful to your team, because it is.
  5. CP only does the plan if China agrees to (insert x) - that means the sq is a potential outcome of the CP, which isn't true for the plan.
  6. EFC

    K affs

    Don't have a generic "K AFF strat" that you always read, just like I hope you don't have a generic "policy aff strat."
  7. Not really, you can definitely read new cards while still answering everything on the lbl
  8. I wouldn't recommend reading a K with a CP. Most of the time you'll get yourself into perf con trouble, and reading two or more conditional advocacies isn't popular with some judges. also, I think this K is quite poor; it's a criticism of the "hegemony of English" in diplomacy. I don't see how the neg avoids this, given that you read the arg in english. Even if it's possible, that strategy is pointless. The K will solve all all of the net-benefits to the counterplan, and both will link to nearly all of the same offense.
  9. This ^^^ Trying to win with a K file totally handed to you is a losing battle, unless its something fairly simple like cap or security.
  10. make multiple link args, explain the ! and why it outweighs and turns at least some of case, go in-depth on your ALT and what it does, have a strong perm block, answer their stuff on the line-by-line, read whatever 2nc ev you find necessary. If you're reading it as a one-off, your partner should be taking all of case in the 1NR, and the case debate should also be tied to the K. EDIT - have some form of framing as well and reasons why only you access that
  11. EFC

    Legendary Evidence

    Zizek and Daly 04 Shively 2k Khalilzad 95 Mead 92/09 Baudrillard 81 ....not because they're that good, but because those cards are so well known
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