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  1. hkuang

    ASPEC/Agent CP/Foreign Fiat

    Aspec says the aff needs to specify the agent. An agent counterplan does the plan using a different agent. Foreign fiat allows a CP that does the plan using a foreign actor.
  2. hkuang

    would you read these in round?

    White privilege K. Unoriginal take on inequality in debate. Link of omission with no clear answer to the perm. No explanation of the alternative or why the ballot is key. None of the cards have cites?? Bullying K. I guess if your opponents are bullies? Then it's more efficient to read theory. The bystander cards could be useful against a Rutgers NDT Finals type performance. Rosa Parks. Just no.
  3. hkuang

    T Proper vs. T

    it's to distinguish between the overview and line by line. The line-by-line is where you have to start flowing "properly" I guess.
  4. hkuang

    How should I address my opponent?

    If I know them, I address them by name. If not, I say "they."
  5. hkuang

    Going for NEOLIB GOOD in the 2AR!

    If you're winning neolib good (which should be the case if that's your 2AR) concede the links and go for the impact turn. If the links have independent impacts, then mitigate them as you would any other impact (say "nuh-uh and case outweighs").
  6. hkuang

    When was this site the most active?

    the saddest story ever told
  7. hkuang

    When was this site the most active?

    Go to forums and sort by replies. Looks like 2006-2009 were very active.
  8. Your math is a little off there. 5 planks = 2^5 - 1 = 31 conditional counterplans. Each plank can either be kicked or not kicked, times the possibilities of each of the other planks.
  9. hkuang

    Making an aff

    This sounds interesting, but is there a federal key warrant?
  10. hkuang

    how to run growth bad on the aff

    https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Whitney+Young/Mitchell-Margolin+Aff Brad Bolman voted for it at Harvard
  11. The curriculum is the same. Instructors may be different. Session 2 camp tournament is probably harder because the 6week survivors have been there for longer.
  12. hkuang

    Texas Teams After U.T.

    These teams will appear in quarters of TFA state: Greenhill GE + KW, Westwood CS + GN, LASA AV, Lindale DW, Katy Taylor BK, Westside PN.
  13. hkuang


    I’m confused. Do you want to make the argument that the perm doesn’t solve? Because that depends entirely on the K/CP. Are you making the perm (as the neg??) Why are you debating the perm on case?
  14. hkuang

    Texas Teams After U.T.

    Westside PN came out of nowhere and killed it! Dhanosh and Aditya are a top 10 team for sure.
  15. hkuang

    UT Longhorn Classic

    it's there. Click the registration tab.