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  1. I can't speak to their specific way of kicking the aff but I have frequently kicked my aff in the 1ar and went for Framework on a K the neg team read.
  2. Generally speaking thats what most FW shells are, this is just a rejection of the team rather than the argument.
  3. 1. Simply put T against a neg team, you claim that the argument they run is bad for x and y reasons and as a result the judge should either reject the argument or the team. 2. Wigenback 11 3. Depends on the round, keep in mind if your FW shell is reject the team you can drop your case and go full framework, I have won a lot of rounds doing this
  4. BIE = Tohono reborn (and possibly not terrible this time)
  5. If we could foray back to the original subject of the thread, does anyone know where a copy of the video could be found for those that weren't there for the stream?
  6. I know Thomas Sowell has talked about how slavery in much of the world was solved via Imperialism.
  7. On a related note, anyone know if there will be TOC streams for wee debaters like myself who aren't anywhere near the skill level to go.
  8. I'd wager that a lot of people on here with access would be willing to fetch an article or two if you want them.
  9. Taxation is theft, the state is bad and should be scaled back, ronpaul 2020.
  10. What if beck9696 IS manhood academy and this is all a false flag
  11. From an article talking about the origins and arguments on condo, that quote is from the section talking about how conditionality allows debaters to run moral ambiguous counter plans without any repercussion.
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