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  1. 1) They're cool. 2) Terminal impacts allow you to have the edge on impact/risk analysis out of the 1AC, which you can use in the 2AC and the rebuttals to turn neg positions or outweigh impacts. It's better for doing real impact calc than saying "You should prefer real world consequences because they're real world" (like most of E-MO). 3) They also help quantify the end result of whatever scenario you choose to read - i.e. you could say "the impact is econ decline" and the neg would say "resilient, your I/Ls aren't true b/c history proves," etc., and then you're beat. However, if you read "econ collapse = nuke war," not only can you outweigh neg impacts, but you can trigger the "why should we care" debate, since now you're claiming to save a significant number of lives (even though sometimes this ends up as a debate about body counts).
  2. What are the strongest and/or coolest advantages for the bulk data aff or backdoors? Just looking for some ideas.
  3. Or you could get one of the new Thinkpads if cost isn't an issue for you. Those have SSDs and they'll last for many years too. I've had an X250 for a couple months now and it runs Verbatim flawlessly.
  4. Anyone got any recent evidence, articles, or links to articles that Obama has some PC now, or answers to "Keystone drained all of Obama's PC"? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Sometimes when I run T, the aff will give its normal C/I, counter-standards, etc., but stress that there was no abuse in the round because we ran case-spec DAs, CPs, etc. What is an effective way to answer the No Abuse argument (as neg)?
  6. Does anyone have a card that says Obama has political capital to use right now, or any links to an article saying so? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Me and my partner once hit a LOST aff and ran T - development. The aff team then answered it by defending T - exploration claiming that since the resolution said "exploration and/or development" they only have to be topical to one of the terms (either development or exploration). Is that a valid way to answer T? How should the neg answer their claims if the aff defends T like that?
  8. Lucky you. we won't be able to run CP's or K's till sometime in February Disease and escapes are actually pretty effective, but I haven't tried dead zones. I'll look into that for a change. Thanks.
  9. That's the thing - as a novice in my district, we still can't run CP's or K's for the next tournament. And our district is heavy lay so K's are never a good idea for anyone. Some judges here don't even know what T is. That's why I was looking into more specific DAs to run. In the area of the enviro DA, I don't think they're ever good enough to give a 2NR on.
  10. My partner and I have been using the NOAA Tradeoff and China DAs in every round against aquaculture, but I'm pretty sick of it now cause everyone usually has pretty good answers to it, and I just end up going for T in the 2NR. I tried spending in a round too but I absolutely hate it. So, does anyone have any other good specific DAs for aquaculture that I could have under my belt? Thanks in advance.
  11. If I were to use an Arctic Mining DA and FXT in a round, won't that just be a bit hypocritical? I mean you're essentially arguing T and then running a DA on one of their effects advantages. Edit: How does "Of" pertain to FXT?
  12. Ahh, alright. Is the impact to this just no navy = nuke war? (or some type of war) Also, is the Freedom of Navigation DA the same thing as the naval one? Thanks. Edit: Can I get an actual link for LOST? (lol heritage foundation) Much appreciated.
  13. Palindrome

    LOST Neg Strat

    I've hit LOST pretty frequently in the season so far, but I've only won about half of those debates (thanks to effects T). I had a Russia DA prepped but that completely backfired, since most teams have Russia (Arctic) as an advantage (usually along with China/SCS or Navy) My usual neg strat were just that DA, T, and oncase, but those aren't working at all anymore. I also took a shot with a China DA but that didn't work either. So, anybody have any suggestions on other DAs to run against LOST? (I'd rather not run K's. They don't work with the judges where I debate). Thanks in advance. EDIT: I'd rather just be open to suggestions on DAs cause I think I'm fine on T. (One of the main reasons I've been losing more rounds than I should is cause almost none of the judges understand what T is where I debate. Thanks.)
  14. How exactly do politics disads with the scenario of "the plan will cause GOP/Dem backlash" work? (i.e. how does it create an impact of nuke war, or something like that). Is this scenario any different than the political capitol scenario?
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