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  1. They'll just read the Evans evidence which is a) better than the AMA in terms of warrants, is super contextual to white people reading it in debate, and c) makes generalized claims about antiblackness debates as opposed to one claim about a specific author. It probably isn't a good idea.
  2. i cut the card in your signature gg
  3. Newer ev would be good - You don't need a card about sexual stigma from 30~ years ago. The oldest card I would keep is the framing card, and from there, I wouldn't keep evidence older than 2013-2014~ unless you absolutely need it; otherwise, it's too easy to lose on "status quo solves, reforms have been made since their ev was published, vote neg on presumption".
  4. Mostly generics for answering a kritikal position. The argument is essentially that when we don't engage institutions, some bad people like Trump take over and ultimately turns the K which means you can make a perm argument that is functionally "perm - do the alt through institutions", assuming your aff is in direction of the alt.
  5. Probably, but even then, I feel like a solid piece of 1AR defense would just be "cap is inevitable" and you'd have the same debate described above. As long as the aff isn't radical enough to stop X reason why cap is good, I don't think you can double-turn yourself on a K because a. the uniqueness isn't there because the aff isn't radical, and assuming they don't go for the alt, then cap stays in place regardless, and b. the internal link isn't there, because the neg would have to prove how the aff causes whatever your impact turn is to go away, ie, how guaranteeing a right to education (for example) will stop space colonization (also for example).
  6. generally i think that, if the block conceded an aff double turn, the aff could raise a huge uniqueness issue - 2AC: plan is in direction of alt, cap is good, cap is inevitable 2NC: Concedes both turns and kicks the alt - "they say the plan is socialist and that cap is good, that's a double-turn, vote neg because they read offense against themselves" 1AR: extends that cap is inevitable - "even if the plan is socialist, the aff isn't radical like the alt, the US doesn't suddenly become socialist post-aff, means the contradiction is minimal at worst" your aff isn't the alt, so your offense explaining why the alt is bad won't apply to your aff.
  7. What affs made it to out-rounds at camp tournaments? What affs won in finals? What affs did well but lost? What did they lose to?
  8. I wouldn't put the trigger warning in the 1AC, I think you should follow Snowball's advice and ask beforehand. Just because you add a warning doesn't mean they can do anything about it, because they can't just leave the room or tune out parts of the 1AC, and if they can, they likely can't do it while still remaining competitive.
  9. a. try to avoid that all together - don't be problematic b. you probably don't need a theory block for it c. here's cards
  10. What's the argument you're trying to make? Apology is good in what context?
  11. NickDB8


    My first ToC bid tournament is gonna be GHill - What should I know, and how should I prep?
  12. tbh STEM is probably your best internal link for the love of all things that exist dont read nanotech plz
  13. The person developing it has since disappeared and the website has been taken down
  14. Yes but its also the most generic argument, as well as being the argument with the most prepped out blocks aff teams will have.
  15. There is a price, but it's negotiable and depends on how big of a file you want. Also, commissioned files don't get released to the public, only whoever requested it.
  16. I have forwarded all your requests and we're attempting to work on them as much and as fast as possible!
  17. As long as the Debate Academy doesn't become the Manhood Academy, I think the majority of this site will support you.
  18. Fun fact - The resolution excludes middle school. 6-25-17 v2.docx
  19. Also, if the neg kicks an off case position, you don't have to keep saying "they kicked this flow it aff" unless there's offense you can win on it.
  20. UT: http://utdebatecamp.com/category/uncategorized/
  21. That would depend on how the neg answers it, but yes, I think that goes hand-in-hand with the debate good stuff in the 2AR.
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