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  1. I don't think having a case supported by the NSDA/NDCA necessarily makes it topical, but they may have been referring to the topic paper, which also doesn't necessarily make something topical.
  2. They're pretty easily resolved by a perm. The thesis of the link is "you don't talk about x issue, that's bad". However, you should use the permutation to be like "perm - do the aff and include x in our method - their only link is that we don't talk about something which doesn't prove mutual exclusivity", or something similar.
  3. I'll throw my name in - Paradigm is on the ODT thread, feel free to ask questions.
  4. I've updated the list of judges and competitors - Please check and confirm you are entered in the category/categories you wish.
  5. Was thinking more for HS, but clearly there isn't a very active KS community here.
  6. Not as of yet, it will probably be in the next month or so.
  7. I see you're judging, do you also plan on competing?
  8. Welcome to the Second Annual Online Debate Tournament! This was a tradition started by the cross-x hero beck9696. The Online Debate Tournament will be a double-elimination bracket tournament. The tournament will begin at a date to be decided depending on entries. The topic for the tournament is “Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States." If you are interested in participating, please leave a reply to this post. Debaters, once eliminated, may be expected to judge future rounds. If you plan on debating or judging, please reply to this post, including your judging paradigm. List of entries: Judges: Rules: Furthermore, we have received another sponsorship from Exodus Debate Files. Exodus will be providing the following prizes for the tournament. A $10 discount code for tournament winner A $5 discount code for second place 1st speaker gets a $5 discount code, 2nd speaker gets a $4 code, and so on to 5th speaker getting a $1 off code
  9. copied from another thread - as the season in Kansas wraps up, feel free to fill out as much or as little of this as you want Best... Partnership: Squad: Coach: Lay debater/partnership: Aff: Neg: Prettiest speaker: Fastest: Most annoying: Best 1A: Best 2A: Best 1N: Best 2N: Most likely to do well next year: Judge: Underrated team: Best K debater: PTX debater: T debater: Most likely NDT champ: Nicest debater: Best Evidence: Best argument: Worst argument: Best K: Best Aff: Best excuse for losing: Best tournament for hanging out: Best human being:
  10. luckily for you, this is the T argument i've mained this year - 2NR - Ikonen
  11. NickDB8


    or alternatively, people try to remain as inclusive as possible bc it's the right thing to do, regardless of a k
  12. Originally, the 2NR was just the PIC, but seeing the word count was incredibly short, I threw AUMF on for fun. I thought about the advantage CP, but I think it probably still links to the AUMF DA, and I kinda planned on kicking the education plank and going for the terror planks to resolve that, but they kicked terror
  13. I go: Full Name, Year [Full Date, Title, Publisher/Website, URL, qualifications]//My Initials I think its nice to see who cut that one special card you use all the time and lowkey show appreciation for them
  14. Only if you're losing the alt but winning framing. Even if you kick the alt, but win that epistemology comes first, you can extend the K as a linear epistemology DA and win the framing
  15. not too well-versed in bifo or anything related to this aff, tbh, but you could say that spreading ruins knowledge and communication skills - if you're reading a "productivity bad" type argument, it's probably a solid route, ie, "we spread not to win the round, but rather its a performance of us destroying the ability to rationally comprehend what we're saying and make effective communication impossible"
  16. You don't need them - Just talk about Trump, the fact that our government has become super right-wing, international trade organizations, status quo leftist disengagement from politics, etc.
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