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  1. CX - Status of K and CP? Can you kick individual planks? Is there an ethical reason to reject the aff? What does the alt look like? Can the aff happen in the world of it? Do schools exist post alt? Have the 50 states ever acted uniformly on anything? In a world where your warming defense is true, why does federalism collapse matter? Why does education federalism spill over to things like environment and energy policy?
  2. Oops, probably forgot to hit attach. Here - 1AC Arts and Humanities.docx
  3. Um, I think the 1AC is probably longer than 1775 - Verbatim only counts the highlighted words and tags which is why the word count seems low
  4. Not sure if there's a Natalie on the Kansas team.
  5. **All entries for judging / debating have been updated** **Please make sure you are entered in the correct category**
  6. In terms of DAs to funding planks, there's a War On Drugs DA to the weed plank in the Daily Card that I read most of the season. Carbon tax shouldn't be hard to find, just steal cards from last year's college topic.
  7. Sorry for the massive delay / inactivity. Tomorrow morning, I will update the entry list. The tournament will start April 16th.
  8. NickDB8

    Making an aff

    There's no reason why 50 state fiat doesn't solve 100% of this, though
  9. NickDB8

    Making an aff

    too lazy to make a new doc but here's a k2 demo card
  10. For federalism, you should say that the perm is seen as cooperation between the states and the fed. For midterms, you can make the argument that the CP links to the NB because Democrats/Republicans/whoever can still use education as a platform, even if it's only at a state level.
  11. Snarf isn't the owner
  12. NickDB8

    Advantage CP

    Just read politics and a solar panels CP bc lol why would solar panels link to politics?
  13. http://sci-hub.la/10.1177/030437548801300402
  14. Not quite "world getting worse", but it's a decent answer to the Pinker / related authors who say violence is declining 2-5-18.docx
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