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  1. Judges were all assigned a number and selected randomly. If *anyone* has a problem with judge placements, please contact me via PM.
  2. I would suggest option two. The 30/0 rule really only works for inactive forfeitures
  3. https://www.cross-x.com/topic/61666-second-annual-online-debate-tournament/
  4. sfrpeterm has informed me that he cannot compete. Win by default to the neg.
  5. Please review the rules before starting a thread. Either debater may start the thread. If no thread is started, the round is a double loss. If no 1AC is posted within 24 hours, the aff loses, assuming the neg started the thread. Judges, please PM me the decision and speaker points ASAP. Tournament timeframe rules are expected to be followed, but can be flexible if agreed to by all participants in the round, including judge. If anyone would not like to judge or compete, please PM me ASAP so you can be removed from the pool. If there are any complaints or concerns, please PM me ASAP. Postings - [Aff] v [Neg] / [Judge] nihilistkitten v Virumstein / ronniesportman lawsonhudson v RolanD / TheSnowball Jw4167 v AQuackDebater / CynicClinic GracchusBabeuf v EthanDB8 / outlier TheRoadmapIs16Off v TheTrashDebater / NickDB8 dante111 v Bayernuard / lawsonhudson TheSnowball v jhirsch / sfrpeterm TheRealRadical1 v Preeves22 / Lukrau lfpnub v Arrow1124 / GracchusBabeuf ronniesportman v jmeza111401 / OutKTheK ZidaoWang v PailAmbrose / TheRoadmapIs16Off sfrpeterm v Masterdebater3000 / Nonegfiat
  6. I'm like 40 words over, you can reciprocate for the block. It's case in order, K, CP, DA 2AC v Ethan.docx
  7. Furthermore, we have received another sponsorship from Exodus Debate Files. Exodus will be providing the following prizes for the tournament. A $10 discount code for tournament winner A $5 discount code for second place 1st speaker gets a $5 discount code, 2nd speaker gets a $4 code, and so on to 5th speaker getting a $1 off code
  8. CX: Status of K/CP? Can you kick individual planks? What is the world of the alt? Can the aff exist within it? What is the impact to the K? Is democracy good or bad? Are there any ethical reasons to reject the aff? How often do "stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other securities" undergo any transaction in poorer states like Mississippi or Arkansas? Is the state always bad?
  9. I would advise against it, because Baudrillard and other pomo authors make actual arguments which aren't funny tbh. If you want funny, I'm pretty sure Maury put out a satire K a while ago, but I can't remember so don't quote me on that. If you need things that are funny, just cut cards from the Onion
  10. Idk word count but it's under it - CX 1AC Arts and Humanities v Ethan.docx
  11. One week until we start - Please make sure you are entered in the desired category/categories, and if you would like to participate, please enter before the 16th.
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