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  1. I forgot the million. 240 million. Plus the 4.3 million in up keep yearly. There was a second study released last month addressing all of M&Gs issues.
  2. I'm actually running this, and any other team running it should have sufficient answers to all of these. T- Oceans, there are five gyres across all oceans T- Substantial, it actually costs 240$ dollars T- Development, just explain how "resource extraction" is extremely over limiting. Sinking trash? Slat says 80 percent floats. And on the K's, call me a novice, but isn't removing plastic-that's killing thousands of animals- a good thing? Land based CP- do both, there's no competitiveness nor Net Benefit, plus, if you merely stop the flow, there's still the plastic that's already there and needs to be picked up. Don't even bother with Wilson or Goldstein and Martini evidence, Wilson has no credentials and Slat answers all three of the authors in his Feasibility Studies.
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