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  1. Not sure about the rest of the nation, but in KS, you get ranked 1-4 based on who was in the round, then 1-30 "quality points". I highly disagree with the quality point system - It's too arbitrary. It leaves the judge to decide who was the best speaker, how well they spoke, and how to quantify that description as a number. However, in the 1-4 system, the judge only has to do one of those things. Any indication of things you could improve on, or what you did well, could easily be left in the "comments" section of the ballot.
  2. 1. I'm in need of strats against policy affs, I've got tons of K backfiles, and affs from this year and next cut. Pm me for details. Depends on how policy you want to go. If it doesn't link to terror, it probably isn't T. I always used terror to turn back affs (Terror -> Surveillance, terror -> racism). I can hit you up with some files, depending on what you need. 2. How do you do neg prep for policy affs? For instance, I've heard that you should prep two T interps that directly contradict each other so that one will always link to an aff and you can decide which to read based on the aff. Have a few of every offcase position. Reliable DAs (Politics, terror), a few Ks that link directly to surveillance reduction, CPs of every variety (Advantage CPs, Actor CPs, Word PICs, etc), and of course, T. A good interp is the Small 8 card for domestic surveillance.
  3. From what I gather, the upper class. Think the opposite of the proletariat. The "1%".
  4. What definition do you want? There are tons.
  5. Hey all, Looking for a video of a good, slow (kinda?) K round. Really just hoping to practice flowing, as well as learn some more about kritikal arguments. Thanks.
  6. Hey all, Looking for a video of a good, slow (kinda?) K round. Really just hoping to practice flowing, as well as learn some more about kritikal arguments. Thanks.
  7. Except make sure you don't suck as much as novices tend to
  8. Warming, energy, water crisis, Taiwan war, space...
  9. I'm not saying I won't vote on a K, but I'm not K oriented. If you want a vote on it, you'll need to do more for me than just spew cards.
  10. As long as the CP doesn't link to the DA, I dont see why not. Thats the entire point of Net Bens. For example, last year, Offshore Wind was a common aff. They'd claim a warming advantage, so we read an Electricity DA (Electricity price low, OSW increases it, kills econ, econ -> war), and a Nuclear CP. It still solved part of the aff, then you just have to weigh the DA against the rest. In other words, DA =/= Defense of SQ. Not always, anyways. This gives you an offensive reason to prefer the CP over the aff.
  11. Not a big K debater, but I feel like the only contention that matters is 5. Everything else is an example of how ridiculous debate has become. I haven't read the cards, but based off the tags, double-fiat is just part of that ridiculousness. They're criticizing debate itself, suggesting that debate has become a game of knowledge spewing - Who can get to extinction the fastest, who can read the fastest, etc.
  12. Why do both when the CP solves the advantage and avoids the DA? In other words, "Any link the aff has to the DA is a DA to the perm."
  13. What I know about PF: No spreading Only a few cards, mostly analysis No Ks The args should be simple enough that parents can understand them In my experience, PF has come down to more presentation than actual debating.
  14. Lol, my season's over. State championships in KS is in early January.
  15. I, too, like the aff. I'd move that last card to solvency, or inherency. Just my thoughts, so you don't have a "random card"
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