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  1. Roughly 2120. Sorry for the delay, been busy w/ school. Ready for CX. 2NC.docx
  2. If you wanna be sketch, there's one that says and/or means both or neither. Otherwise, I'd just argue that they don't meet diplomatic
  3. FW What affirmatives are allowed under your interpretation? What does the aff do to curtail surveillance? How does the English ev double turn subpoint (a) on the process impact? Where do we define a topical actor? Link to the first DA? Wilderson The Bignall evidence indicates that whiteness holds power over racial minorities -How are white people claiming that race is fluid not also defining racial minorities? Academy Why is the debate space key for the advocacy to create change? Case What is the theory behind necropolitics and panopticism? Huh, just realized your partner Collin was in my JDI lab.
  4. 1NC clocks in at 2393. Sorry for the delay, ready for CX. 1NC vDebate(1).docx
  5. Actually, one more. What kind of identity is being treated as static? Just race?
  6. This has already started: https://www.cross-x.com/topic/60228-vdebate-surveillance-thezodiackiller-a-v-nickdb8-n/?do=findComment&comment=928823
  7. CX: 1AC word count? (This is merely a technicality) What is the "white wall/black hole system"? DnG card. The Vaz and Bruno card talks about how self-policing surveillance causes people to fit a "cookie cutter" shape. From my understanding, it says that people simply push to fit a norm. Where does this actually say anything regarding state surveillance? What are the "signifiers" the Robinson card discusses? What is "freaking faciality and its accompanying whiteness"? What does the advocacy do? What does voting aff do? You say race is creative (Saldanha), what does this mean? What is the ROTB outlined in Evans and Pollard? Maybe followups, 1NC will be up in the next few days, if not tonight.
  8. Waiting on the 1AC. 2500/1600 I think is the general limit, but we can do whatever.
  9. Cool, surveillance topic?
  10. Hoping to have a VDebate with a K aff, while I'm on neg. Preferably the surveillance topic. Never had a VDebate before, nor hit a K aff before, so I just wanna try it out. PM me or reply in this post if you're interested.
  11. Don't forget: F- Framework. This is important when it comes to the impact calc
  12. Fair. I wasn't sure if you were kidding or not, so I figured I'd try to assist just in case.
  13. What do you mean? T is nothing more than a real world DA. Your UQ is your interp, your link is the violation, your IL is the standards, and the impact are the voting issues. When we go up and say "education/fairness", those are real world impacts. We lose the critical thinking and other portable skills that are usually given to us in a fair debate when a team is nontopical, and fairness claims have impacts like people quitting debate, etc.
  14. http://www.criticalsociology.org/editorials/files/37_4.pdf This says that neoliberalism causes middle eastern instability and violent revolt, perhaps something that could be considered terrorism. Probably not the best article, though. But really, cap/neolib links to everything, and you can make a lot of, as Squirelloid says, Marxist root cause claims. What Harper said, too
  15. No problem. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.
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