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  1. Go for it, the round didn't technically need to start until today
  2. I'm rereading this speech and noticing tons of grammar and spelling issues... Oops. Let me know if parts don't make sense. Don't write speeches at 2 am.
  3. 1NR is T-Military, and T-Not QPQ, at 1627 words. 1NR R2.docx
  4. 1NR is ready whenever, let me know when you're finished with CX
  5. 2NC is the K and case, at 2743 words. Ready for CX 2NC R2.docx
  6. In regards to the ethics question, I'm referring to the Condit ev
  7. CX: Starting with the theory, what are the violations? ie, why are we a PIK, utopian, and vague, and why doesnt CX check? You say that the plan is unconditional, but you also say in CX it's a QPQ - which do you defend? How does condo create skews if we read one conditional advocacy? What does it mean to view neoliberalism as a monolith? Goldin is literally a professor of globalization - given their inherent bias, why should we evaluate their claims? Where does the K make an ethical claim? How do the following two perms function, and how do they differ from the other perms you make? Permutation – do the alt – our end goals are consistent. Permutation – endorse the normative action of the plan and embrace socialist movements. Barnett is a professor of geography - Why are they qualified to discuss how capital influences the world?
  8. It'll be 3 off, then case. 1NC is 2622 words. Ready for CX Edit: forgot to actually attach the speech 1NC R2.docx
  9. There was a small edit at the bottom of my post that you might've missed - In all the 1AC nuke war scenarios, who strikes first?
  10. CX: Is the plan a QPQ? If so, what are the conditions? How is the aff a non-military negotiation when it directly influences both nations' military? How does the plan get enforced? ie, if China hypothetically remilitarizes, what happens? Assuming you win 100% solvency, does the plan lead to Taiwan independence? Your ev defines defensive realist states as a state that "does not pursue security by offending others" - How is this true if they act defensively towards Taiwan? Why do internal politics, as outlined in Menon, outweigh international factors like interdependence, intervention, diplomacy, etc.? Edit: In each of your nuclear war scenarios, who launches a nuke first?
  11. I assume the order is "(aff) vs (neg)" when displayed in the pairings?
  12. yall realize this thread is for 2015, right? as in, the oceans topic?
  13. But the aff and 2NR would be very different in the context of a real debate, for instance, usfg should cooperate to resolve the taiwan issue (or whatever the exact plan was), vs usfg should just stop supporting taiwan (or whatever the exact CP was). the perm would prove that the aff does nothing, at which point, the CP is better than the aff, bc the aff guts their solvency, even if it avoids the DA, which the CP also does. idk. i'll think about it some more, but that doesnt seem like it adds up to me. whatever wins, though.
  14. That doesn't answer the question. If the CP competes through net benefits, ie, the aff via the say yes/no debate, what's the point in doing the aff if it doesn't work? I'm not trying to start more hostility on this thread, I just don't get the argument.
  15. Yeah, and why doesn't that result in a neg ballot? Like, you make a solvency deficit against yourself and argue for CP solvency - wouldn't that get a neg ballot? Maybe I just don't get it.
  16. then why not just reject the perm and vote on the CP, if the perm is essentially doing the CP?
  17. The cross-x regulars have a culture of all their own
  18. can we please just let this controversy die - if yall have objections you are more than welcome to join the ODT judging staff. if you are unwilling to do so, stop criticizing. squid is giving up his time (rounds have lasted about a week) and putting in effort (giving a verbal rfd for a vdebate is going an extra mile) for this tournament (although, this round didn't count). unless yall are willing to do the same, please stop. furthermore, this is getting blown out of proportion. this is one round that didn't count, and squid's rfd came alongside two others which also provided feedback. snowball and jonathan could very easily just pay attention to those if they felt squid's rfd wasn't valid. it isnt like this round is going to ruin anyone's career. in fact, this appears to be the very post-round callout that was described above - hell, this almost feels like the manhood academy disaster again - "come HOLD YOUR GROUND and DEBATE US unless you're too afraid !!!!111!!11!!!!!!1!"
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