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  1. I would've bought all the new analysis, given you didn't know what was happening until the 1AR and needed a chance to extrapolate, as well as because fairness is bad so new in the 2AR would be good. The debate good arguments seemed compelling, I wish that 1) they were fleshed out more, and 2) I could evaluate them. It probably would've earned an aff ballot from me.
  2. So I vote neg. I think there's two ways to reach that decision - the K proper or the theory. Let's start with the K proper. The K "proper" (excluding FW) is very skimpy in the 2AR, so that makes that an easy decision to vote for the neg, unless the aff can win the FW arguments or a theory violation, both of which seem to be uphill battles in this round. I think that if the 1AR explain the performance as a permutation, that could've made the debate interesting That brings us to the theory debate. I must admit, I wanted to buy all the new stuff in the 2AR, but the 2AR conceded that new 2AR arguments are bad - not because they're unfair or anything, but because they would make the neg sad. This takes out a lot of the 2AR: Most of the "K links back to neg" arguments, debate good arguments, and more are new in the 2AR and I simply can't evaluate them. The impact turns were, I think, undercovered (btw, neg, explain why ressentiment is an impact, otherwise, I'm not sure what to do with the argument), and, that being said, you can't kick a standard if it has offense on it, for the same reason why you can't kick a straight-turned advantage: it's conceded offense; therefore, I give the neg the education bad argument. With these things in mind, I actively looked for as many ways as possible to vote aff, and I couldn't find any. It's late and I'm tired, so feel free to ask questions if this doesn't make much sense.
  3. I went back to cut the Wilderson AMA from November, but I noticed many of the comments were missing, and those provide great context for cards. Would anyone be willing to share a copy of the cards they cut from the AMA, or send me a copy of the AMA with those comments still present? Yes, I've tried places like archive.org, they don't appear to have it on file, either.
  4. It's barely been 12 hours and Nonegfiat had to catch a flight, give em some time.
  5. I'll judge if we get a panel - My paradigm is over in the paradigm thread for the ODT tldr, do whatever, just make it good
  6. after cross x also that downvote was an accident someone please compensate thanks
  7. It's based on total ballots received, not wins
  8. I think it had something to do with a disagreement in regards to RFDs, but I'm not sure.
  9. I'm gonna go ahead and number these - 1. Thanks! Aside from the fact that the 2NR analysis was late, was it good? Like did it make sense and was it worth extending, even though I didn't go for the K? 2. Fair enough - Is there a reference round you have in mind I can look at to work on this better? 3. This is probably true - As I was writing the overview, I found some of it to be really responsive to their defensive claims, so they just kinda wedged their way in there and I figured I could just straight up say "This means they do X, not Y". A couple of other questions: Is the Young evidence actually worth reading as a link? Because I'm really on the fence about if it's just a root cause claim, or if I can spin it as a link anyway. Can someone explain what substance crowd-out is because, even after the 2AR, I don't think I get the argument. Is this an argument that's commonly made? How was the 2NC on the K, other than unorganized? Was I making the right arguments?
  10. Of course, but still, I'm sure you could spin it somehow. At worst, it's a great novelty card.
  11. Threads don't have a post limit, so I'm sure it won't matter too much. The Online Debate Tournament was put together by beck9696 and sponsored by Exodus Files, and functions as a (not so) big tournament at the end of the year - This is the first year we've tried it since it was last done many years ago. We're going into round two, so it's too late to join, but you can debate other members outside of the tournament. Feel free to post in this thread in order to let people know you're up for a debate. You can technically start education debates whenever, but the ODT is using the China topic.
  12. Figured I take enough evidence from here, so I should probably give back. Just for fun - Here's a memes key to hegemony card. It is also probably going to be very beneficial to go back and read the original article, there's stuff for CPs, etc in there. 5-31-17.docx
  13. 2NR is the K and then T at 1647 words. Fantastic round! 2NR R2.docx
  14. NickDB8

    ncfl nats

    Kapaun bought an Exodus politics DA and, assumingly, read it on a few of their neg rounds, just sayin.
  15. I don't know how far into the lit you wanna go, but if you wanna find some topic links to queer theory, that'd be pretty cool
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