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  1. My own paradigm - I will not be competing.
  2. NickDB8

    Going for T in 2NR

    luckily for you, this is the T argument i've mained this year - 2NR - Ikonen
  3. NickDB8


    or alternatively, people try to remain as inclusive as possible bc it's the right thing to do, regardless of a k
  4. Originally, the 2NR was just the PIC, but seeing the word count was incredibly short, I threw AUMF on for fun. I thought about the advantage CP, but I think it probably still links to the AUMF DA, and I kinda planned on kicking the education plank and going for the terror planks to resolve that, but they kicked terror
  5. NickDB8

    Daily Card

    antonio 95
  6. I go: Full Name, Year [Full Date, Title, Publisher/Website, URL, qualifications]//My Initials I think its nice to see who cut that one special card you use all the time and lowkey show appreciation for them
  7. Only if you're losing the alt but winning framing. Even if you kick the alt, but win that epistemology comes first, you can extend the K as a linear epistemology DA and win the framing
  8. K, adv CP, AUMF, PIC, Culture 2NR vs Refugee Ed.docx
  9. NickDB8

    What does a fully prepped out K Aff file look like

    not too well-versed in bifo or anything related to this aff, tbh, but you could say that spreading ruins knowledge and communication skills - if you're reading a "productivity bad" type argument, it's probably a solid route, ie, "we spread not to win the round, but rather its a performance of us destroying the ability to rationally comprehend what we're saying and make effective communication impossible"
  10. NickDB8

    What does a fully prepped out K Aff file look like

    You don't need them - Just talk about Trump, the fact that our government has become super right-wing, international trade organizations, status quo leftist disengagement from politics, etc.
  11. NickDB8

    fully prepped out K?

    didn't mean to downvote
  12. thats a fair point, im not too well read in the relationship between deleuze and wilderson, but having read the article i linked above, i think its definitely something to be on the lookout for. i think it could go either really well or really poorly, and i think if you "don't really get the philosophy", then it is more likely to end up going poorly.
  13. I'd be careful reading this argument tbh - Deleuze's notions of everything being in flux probably doesn't apply to black bodies, this article is worth a read: https://thehistoricalnerds.com/2014/12/16/implications-of-wildersons-afro-pessimism/ It talks about why Deleuzian thinking is probably a solid link, but also line-by-lines Wilderson's arguments. There is a rebuttal offered in the comments, which is probably not worth cutting, but rather transposing into analytics.
  14. You could probably relate the idea of exchangability within an assemblage to the fungibility of the slave?
  15. A link to/copy of the aff would be nice
  16. NickDB8

    Real Debaters Only Pt. II

    issa meme
  17. But, in the meantime, I wrote the 1NR anyway - It'll be the tradeoff DA, then the terror page. 1245 I think. 1NR vs Refugee Ed.docx
  18. **Notice - Due to finals, etc., this round has been postponed for about a week-ish. As of now, there are still plans to complete it.
  19. NickDB8

    Dedev as a Net Benefit

    this implies that the cp doesnt also link to the disad
  20. NickDB8

    Dedev as a Net Benefit

    I had this discussion the other night with some friends. I think yes, impact turns are net benefits to CPs. It solves the aff advantages, other than those that you turn and say are bad. In terms of competition, I think you can get out of almost any perm with "perm links to the impact turns". Just make sure that the text of the CP wouldn't shield the link to the impact turns, ie, if the CP were "The USfg should burn all of its money and tank the economy", then the perm would pretty clearly solve dedev because the UQ would outweigh the aff link in the world of the perm. However, given that you just want deseg as a CP, I don't see an issue.
  21. NickDB8

    Section 702 DA?

    https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Glenbrook+South/Valiaveedu-Skoulikaris+Neg Can be found here under "DA - Rider - FISA"