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  1. **All entries for judging / debating have been updated** **Please make sure you are entered in the correct category**
  2. NickDB8

    DAs to States

    In terms of DAs to funding planks, there's a War On Drugs DA to the weed plank in the Daily Card that I read most of the season. Carbon tax shouldn't be hard to find, just steal cards from last year's college topic.
  3. Sorry for the massive delay / inactivity. Tomorrow morning, I will update the entry list. The tournament will start April 16th.
  4. NickDB8

    Making an aff

    There's no reason why 50 state fiat doesn't solve 100% of this, though
  5. NickDB8

    Making an aff

    too lazy to make a new doc but here's a k2 demo card
  6. NickDB8

    How to counter psychoanalysis

    Alternatively, read Deleuze
  7. idk i don't understand baudrillard
  8. NickDB8

    Why doesn't the perm link to the net-benefit

    For federalism, you should say that the perm is seen as cooperation between the states and the fed. For midterms, you can make the argument that the CP links to the NB because Democrats/Republicans/whoever can still use education as a platform, even if it's only at a state level.
  9. NickDB8

    Why doesn't the perm link to the net-benefit

    That depends on what the net benefit is
  10. something something fake news baudrillard
  11. NickDB8

    Debate Really Matters

    Snarf isn't the owner
  12. NickDB8

    Advantage CP

    Just read politics and a solar panels CP bc lol why would solar panels link to politics?
  13. NickDB8

    Best of Kansas 2017-2018

    copied from another thread - as the season in Kansas wraps up, feel free to fill out as much or as little of this as you want Best... Partnership: Squad: Coach: Lay debater/partnership: Aff: Neg: Prettiest speaker: Fastest: Most annoying: Best 1A: Best 2A: Best 1N: Best 2N: Most likely to do well next year: Judge: Underrated team: Best K debater: PTX debater: T debater: Most likely NDT champ: Nicest debater: Best Evidence: Best argument: Worst argument: Best K: Best Aff: Best excuse for losing: Best tournament for hanging out: Best human being:
  14. NickDB8

    Daily Card

  15. NickDB8

    Daily Card

    Not quite "world getting worse", but it's a decent answer to the Pinker / related authors who say violence is declining 2-5-18.docx
  16. NickDB8

    Title 1 Topicality

    I don't think having a case supported by the NSDA/NDCA necessarily makes it topical, but they may have been referring to the topic paper, which also doesn't necessarily make something topical.
  17. NickDB8

    how to answer a link of omission as a k aff

    They're pretty easily resolved by a perm. The thesis of the link is "you don't talk about x issue, that's bad". However, you should use the permutation to be like "perm - do the aff and include x in our method - their only link is that we don't talk about something which doesn't prove mutual exclusivity", or something similar.
  18. I'll throw my name in - Paradigm is on the ODT thread, feel free to ask questions.
  19. I've updated the list of judges and competitors - Please check and confirm you are entered in the category/categories you wish.
  20. NickDB8

    Best of Kansas 2017-2018

    Was thinking more for HS, but clearly there isn't a very active KS community here.
  21. Not as of yet, it will probably be in the next month or so.
  22. I see you're judging, do you also plan on competing?