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  1. So just finished my GDI open doubles round against critical islamaphobia and lost on a 2-1 for the aff cuz i didn't do enough impact calc and stuff like that. I'm very new to being a 2n as i started being 2n at camp and going for fw was my first time. Any tips argue framework better? I'm not really that familiar with it when going against k affs.
  2. Well Coppell zy has been the only team that's run straight up desal for the entire year so we wanted to test this aff for fun
  3. Uehara 04, using DOW from a benefit of otec solves aquaculture. You can also take a look at the Yoza et al 10 card
  4. T 1. The resolution calls for development/ exploration of the ocean, by the way that your worded your plan text you worded it abusively in terms to create a framework, twist a few words and then propose hydrological education when the resolution calls for physical exploration/development of the ocean. Imp I'll concede the DA, i made a mistake and was confused when creating this and if i'm not allowed to drop it, i'll bring up the uq evidence in the 2nc. Cap 1. ​The way that the affirmative attempts to use ontology in order to disguise exploitation, misrepresentation, makes the k mutually exclusive, the aff itself represents a link to the Defazio 14 and Cole 9 evidence. 2. The idea that cap itself is the root cause of anthro. The aff claims that they solve for anthro when this is just another excuse for capitalism to exploit the environment and use the aff as a disguise. capital in one cycle after another, with each new phase of accumulation taking the last as its starting point. This meant ever more divided, more alienated human beings, together with a more globally destructive metabolism between humanity and nature. accumulation of wealth in the modern age “enormously increased human power of destruction” so “that we are able to destroy all organic life on earth and shall probably be able one day to destroy even the earth itself Pic 1. we need to act first before anything else. That allows for personal agency to be obtained, once that happens spill over can occur. 2. Once again the state always enacting on something, only makes people less likely to do anything i.e. if a problem like global warming comes to the attention of people, they will see it as something huge that only something like the state can fix and that is bad because the people don’t actually do anything which bounds us to limited thinking. by advocating it myself it becomes not an action of the state but an action of a person and thus reduces the issue to something that people can solve
  5. Hi, just a few question since the round is over and thank y'all so much for judging! Good debate KAA99! *Virtually shakes hand* Just a question about a few things and it might sound a little embarrassing but well we debate learnings a part it of eh? Ok so this might sound stupid but... 1. What is exactly book chin? I was literally rummaging through files to see and it talked about hierarchies in the tag but i actually straight up thought he was talking about cap so during the whole debate i was pretty confused. 2. As y'all can see I tend to have a "too wordy" problem, causing me to often have to spread with lung killing attempts in order to get all my arguments fit in the rebuttals. Basically I'm pretty wordy, any tips for me to be more concise? 3. What else should I have done about the k? (Rather than realizing that there wasn't a link... my bad XD) 4. How can I deal against book chin in the future? 5. What should I have done about Framework in the 2ar? 6. In a case that i'm in a real debate round and someone runs something against me that i have no idea about what should i and probably don't have enough time to find evidence, what to do as aff? 7. Should I have ran condo? 8. Any nit picks about my performance? What should i have done better? (yeah i really do need to work on analysis) Thanks so much!
  6. Good debate, now i'm off to doctors app cy'all! 2ar vs KAA99.docx
  7. T 1. Since you mandate sustainable development, the plan could result in less development and exploration because "sustainable exploration and development" could mean less than status quo levels 2. You worded out your plan text abusively, analytics in the 1nc explains the rest of it Imp 1. Hegemony is the leadership or dominance of a country, in your Boiesa 11 card it talks about how the "US is all awesome and stuff and a leader and that's why it will spill over" 2. It's a da 3. Your aff as a whole is the link, Pagano 6, Neimanis 12, etc, you put a bunch of cards saying that if the US doesn't do it or like if something doesn't happen then the environment's going to get destroyed,etc basically your entire aff in all links to it, not just individual cards. 4. That card was just an example, your aff makes this worse C 1. Object Oriented Philosophy, Post humanism 2. The cole 9 card talks about "Information warfare is a key imperialist strategy and modus operandi of cap- italism; so is 'enfraudening the public sphere" any form of education is capitalist, just an excuse to hide lying deception and misrepresentation. 3. You're trying to reform the USFG , Zhao 09, Defazio 14 and Cole 9 4. We're saying that capitalism causes such thinking like anthropocentrism, thus causing all those environmental impacts. The alt leads to rejection of capitalism. All the impacts you claim are from the cause of your own affirmative. Are you asking for an extension of the alternative or world of the alt? mmm Interesting application for the root cause to your aff i see State PIC 1. kappaler is saying that we as people need to act on issues and not the state and that the state doing something like this only makes people less likely to do anything. 2.Kappler 95, Delgado 91 3. You use the USFG which denies me as one of the people to create the change, I advocate to the level so a change can be made. Fiat Abuse 1. Dilla 97 2. That's what hydrologic education does, it's been used for over 25 years referring to our Galbrich 91 card, if you want to argue against this we have a heck load more cards stating the same or similar thing to our card.
  8. Sigh sorry I've been on a heck of a busy scheadule so far and a really sad mood literally the only times that I wasn't doing debate was when I watched the avengers and mulan, everything else has been debate debate debate that I didn't even have much time to eat. I'm so sorry I'll redo it
  9. I watched avengers today Just now gonna go slee- *snores* Ready for CX 1nc vs MCAT.docx
  10. Link- friend puts a link when knowing that snarf will explode Impact- snarf explodes
  11. Yeah seems like everyone is "rolling" onto snarf's nerves for the links, right snarf?
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