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  1. PowershotWu

    K Lit

    I don't know where to start when reading foucault because I don't understand his books. Is there some sort of "foucault for dummies" article I can read first? I'm like 10 pages, he hasn't mentioned biopower, and I'm really confused.
  2. PowershotWu

    K Lit

    So can anyone help me get started on reading K literature. Are there any books that I should start out with? (Hint: I'm trying to get a headstart on next year) I already have a copy of the History of Sexuality by foucault but some of it doesn't make much sense to me.
  3. You don't understand. The mindset is that if it isn't blatantly untopical (like totally unrelated to the resolution untopical), then T shouldn't be mentioned. So I can't even call people out on effects-T, which is probably a good thing because this case gets raped by effects t
  4. PowershotWu

    Cross X

    Open Cross-x is basically a one-way grand crossfire in public forum. So for example after your 1AC if you would normally be cross-xd by the 2NC but in open cross x both 1nc and 2nc and ask and your partner can answer for you. If you're going to do it, then ask your judge first, because depending on your circuit, some judges hate that open cross x
  5. You can either claim that running both plans to solve for the same advantage is redundant (which is kind of weak because then you have to prove that your cp solve better) or you could use a DA as a net benefit
  6. I think that there is a definition of "resolved" that means to enact a policy or something like that. Or you can just make a case that isn't effects T. Or you could just argue that effects-T is good as long as it's not abusive (there's some theory on this in camp files) I hope this helps you out
  7. PowershotWu


    We had a games player and I don't think he listened to our framewerk (and the aff had answers anyways) So I'm just going to assume that no one on here can help me
  8. PowershotWu


    Well their case says that whoever brings up the best way to explore oceans would win the debate
  9. PowershotWu


    I'm writing a counteradvocacy to a pirates satire case a team beat us with. I can think of no better way of responding to pirates than by adopting a ninja mindset of exploration, but I'm really lost as to where I can find some good resources on ninjas. I'm not even sure if "ninja exploration" is a thing. Can anyone guide me as to where I could find some resources?
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