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  1. I wouldn't recommend going to JDI. I was lucky to get great lab leaders, Devon Cooper and Ian Beier, but the rest of the camp was pretty lackluster. However, it may be good for novices as it did seem to focus a lot of its energy on the basics.
  2. Adding onto the Baudrillard thing. I would suggest that you construct a ballot commod k using some cards from Baudy where he talks about our society's fascination with disaster porn. The arg would that the aff's method of presenting a litany of suffering and claiming that a simple aff ballot can solve for (or at least alleviate) said suffering is morally bankrupt and counter productive. That is because they are promoting the illusion that the aff can somehow alter reality. All voting aff will do is make everyone in the room feel better for a few minutes because the problem has been "solved," when actually nothing happens. This freezes politics and movements because we're too busy gorging ourselves on this false pleasure we've created to get up and challenge the horrors of the real world. The judge should vote neg so that everyone leaves the room feeling awful Baudy ks aren't really "uncommon" but teams often mishandle him. If you want cards pm me. (Sorry for the horrendous grammar, sleep is something I don't do well)
  3. Senior you will miss most: laurel Best judge: im blanking on his name but he coaches wilson(?) Best coach: probably mark little Best squad/school: oes for the sheer number of debaters, most of which quality Best team: south Best novice team: those oes novices who supposedly crushed in the jv division at berkeley and broke to quarters at u of o Best aff team: south Best neg team: south Best kritik debater: henry, although i have to say that beau is, oddly enough, a god at anti-blackness ks Best straight-up policy debater: the only straight up traditionalist i know is conrad... so conrad Best negative position: a combination of baudrillard and t, though i need to mention oes' sick politics da at u of o that for first time all year made me worried about losing to a da Best aff: fem killjoy Most untopical aff: fem killjoy Funniest offcase argument you heard: "there wasn't sexism in feudal society" Worst Judge RFD: "i could have picked you up on the theory args, but i didnt want to" Most persuasive speaker(s): cyrus, his voice is like syrup Most helpful person: beau (thanks friend) Most hardworking debater: im giving it to south because their record this year has been fire which much mean hard work was put in... i wish i had a drive to prep Fastest debater: laurel and jon Best debater overall: henry, then laurel, then soren The best team next year: south Squad to watch out for next year: oak hill conrad and beau as they try to survive without laurel and i Funniest debater: beau Most fun debater to judge/watch: jon and marcus Most improved debater: louis from oes, i didnt realize how good he had gotten until he hit us at rose city semis Most improved team: south, went from good to untouchable Most Underrated team: probs beau and i
  4. We need to restart this thing with our updated 2016 lists
  5. I feel obligated to issue you a quick warning. If you're taking a biopower kritik off open evidence, don't use the one from JDI. As its main creator I can assure you that particular one is horrendous.
  6. this thread makes me feel somewhat sad i'll be doing a lot of ld this year instead of policy... Instead of completing that list thing I'll just make some general predictions for this season: South, OES, Jon and Oak Hill ES will win a ton a shit. Beau and I will continue being unpredictable assholes. And I will miss Laurel the most
  7. Lol I prepped an entire 6 minute topicality/framework block, and had to throw it out after the judge said she almost never votes on T/FW... so honestly the satire kritik should have never happened. But seriously you and Leo will do great in state! Thurston too!
  8. This is for teams going to nats right?
  9. I'm somewhat disappointed now that the only reason they had a "women in debate seminar" at the high school tournament was because they were forced to...
  10. Just out of curiosity's sake, why can't you run politics? -NASA Tradeoff -Info Sharing DA -Biopower EDIT: Ignore Biopower, my mind glossed over the "no ks" part. But, I'm sure if you thoroughly explained it to a lay judge they would understand.
  11. Best judge: Lincoln's coaches Best coach: Keith Eddins Best squad/school: OES/Clackamas/OES Best team: Lincoln SS Best novice team: I'm so arrogant...Beau and I (Oak Hill Best aff team: South/Clackamas A Best neg team: Clackamas A/Lincoln SS Best kritik debater: Henry/Leo Best straight-up policy debater: Lukas Schwab/Shawn Lee Best aff: Iron Fertilization Most untopical aff: South's DnG Funniest arguments you heard: My fellow novices say the darndest things.... "Without satellites everything will go extinct, and we'll probably die" "We're not anthropocentric at all! But we're totally topical too because the whales are a resource for development." "Who is this John Kerry you speak of? He doesn't seem like a very credible person to me." Funniest/worst Judge RFD: anytime someone votes solely on a spending DA with a generic link Most persuasive speaker: Shawn Lee Most helpful person: Mark Little Most hardworking debater: Conrad Sproul Fastest debater: Laurel Eddins Best debater overall: Lukas Schwab The best team next year: South Squad to watch out for next year: South/OES/Oak Hill Funniest debater: Jay Sharabu Most improved debater: Clara Schwab Most improved team: South Most Underrated team: Sam Barlow A (just because they're amazing and no one seems to mention them), Oak Hill B (again, this is going to seem really arrogant, but while we're not particularly good, Beau and I have broken in good open tournaments)
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