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  1. I think Jean means that they narrowed down to Framework in the 2 NR, not that they brought up a new Framework in the 2 NR
  2. Was unsure where to place this in the forum, hope this is okay. Attached is the 2016 version of the open evidence downloader -- the previous version doesn't work because of how the original programmer implemented the StringSearcher method. You should be able to decompile the code if you want to verify there is nothing fishy (or i can open source it if people request). Just place the jar in your dropbox/wherever you want your evidence folder located, double click, and let it do it's magic. It will create an 'evidence' folder in the directory it was placed, and create subdirectories for the different types of arguments on open evidence. The pictures are what the application look like and the folder output. Here is the dropbox link to the .jar So far i only know it works on Windows, but I'm sure it works on other Operating Systems as well. If you have trouble don't be afraid to PM me
  3. NovaPlasm

    i am beau

    I would like to say "screw laurel" for using my account for a stupid post.
  4. In case any of yall want a full list, here you go (25 total): (I included only first names on the off chance someone doesn't want their full name on the forum) Ashland: Nikolas & Alex Barlow: Gabe & Katie McKenna & Claire Rachel & Austin Clackamas: Jon & Kacie William & Luke Lake Oswego: Laura & Alex Marcus & Dan Lincoln: Askok & Madeline Joe & Cedric Robert & Zelda & Belle Oak Hill: Beau & Emma Conrad & Laurel OES: Alex & Luis Cyrus & Soren Julia & Vaughan South: Henry & Leo Sprague: Brandon & Colin Sunset: Christina & Nehal Thurston: Nick & Avery Tigard: Sydney & Marie Tristan & Ediie Westview: Anthony & Jordan Pranay & Austin Sim & Maya
  5. Emma and I quall'd, as did Laurel and Conrad. After the tournament we also opted to use one of our alt-quals so Thurston could go, so from our district it should be South, both OHS's, and Thurtston.
  6. Here I thought you had a spasm while typing your reply, but I guess that's an actual English word.
  7. Senior you will miss most: Emma <3 Best judge: The same wilson couch Emma mentioned Best coach: Mark Little Best squad/school: OES has many competent teams Best team: South Best novice team: Not really keeping up to speed with Novices, but the JVers @Berkeley were pretty good Best aff team: South Best neg team: South Best kritik debater: Henry or Leo Best straight-up policy debater: Prolly Conrad tbh Best negative position: The Mirror of our Hearts <3 (and Wilderson) Best aff: Three-way tie b/w FRT, Trans Scanners, and Wolves. Honorable Mention to Drug Dogs which is actually a pretty tough case to be neg against Most untopical aff: Fem Killjoy, or our Counter-Gazing aff Funniest offcase argument you heard: T: "domestic surveillance" must be people; Water isn't a person (We had a Water Wars advantage to our aff, and the team thought we were curtailing surveillance on water...somehow) Worst Judge RFD: Ditto @Emma's Most persuasive speaker(s): Soren prolly Most helpful person: Emma (tbh no one else on the circuit talks to us :/) Most hardworking debater: no clue Fastest debater: Leo Best debater overall: Henry The best team next year: South, (but we could probably grab a close second ) Squad to watch out for next year: OHS tbh Funniest debater: Emma Most fun debater to judge/watch: Haven't watched anyone, so I have no clue Most improved debater: Louis or Cyrus, they both went from meh JV to A-tier varsity (Ditto what Conrad said) Most improved team: Ditto what Conrad said Most Underrated team: Us
  8. You realize this is against the rules, right? No WiFi in round, period. If you need evidence, download it before the round and keep a folder on your computer.
  9. What exactly is the argument (for those not versed in lincoln-douglas)?
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