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  1. I understand what you mean about it going "both ways", but I think both are gendered insults and both should be avoided. Just because you CAN be gendered against either men or women doesn't mean it's okay. I also think some users may come here from certain districts that aren't necessarily big on not being gendered or sexist or ableist. I know personally I come from an area in Central Texas where saying "you guys" is just part of the norm, but over time I've made the mistake of saying that to a male/female team and learned how it is gendered and learned to actively try to avoid saying it. I think we as a community should try to help tell the person why what they're doing is bad; typically I may see someone say something gendered or ableist and just be downvoted into oblivion while being called a bunch of names, which probably just causes them to leave with a sour taste in their mouth and isn't really effective. Just a pet peeve I've noticed. To answer your question g55 you may want to email your coaches and see if they remember the sources, I'm sure they'd be happy to help you and would be happy knowing you're working during the summer. Here's an anti-spreading kritik I found online that you may be able to read and learn from so you can better be ready to answer your opponents: (Edited because I forgot to attach the file) Anti-Spreading K.docx
  2. Can someone clear up: Y'all are talking about LASA, but I don't see them going on any of the UIL pages. Are they in?
  3. While obviously openev files come with some links, I was wondering if anyone had more links that they could trade? Specifically I'm looking for SMRs but will probably need a whole file. PM me if you have one, thanks!
  4. The problem on spending is they read a card about how PPP's are best. Would the argument be since the NOAA runs it they can't take funding from private companies?
  5. I've never seen it before but a team may be running it at state here in a few weeks. Looking on the wiki, they basically do the Offshore Ports Aff SDI file, and usually have done humyn trafficking and terrorism. Here's a link to their wiki: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Grapevine/Wey%2DSmith+Aff
  6. Roboyle

    UIL 5A

    Just wondering if anyone knew anything about some of the teams who will be there for 5A that are/aren't on the wiki.
  7. Can you go into some detail on whats wrong with it? I've never run or seen it but I'd like to be prepared
  8. I'm also interested and have stuff to trade, so PM me too
  9. Is it just the Cthulu Mythos case on open evidence? If so, there's a neg file on there. Cthulhu Mythos Affirmative - Gonzaga 2014.docx Cthulhu Mythos Negative - Gonzaga 2014.docx
  10. Roboyle

    Politics Update

    I don't know if I'll be able to help as I'm about to be really busy, but I'd like to try
  11. Yeah, I found all my moms old CX stuff from the 70's and they had cards, but they were pieces of evidence on literal 3x5 cards. They actually had most of that stuff except spreading.
  12. What I'm actually really more looking for is some known effective strategies against some of the more common affs, since I haven't hit a wide variety of them yet.
  13. Anyone have any case negs/blocks they've written that's not just stuff from open evidence?
  14. I'm sorry, but isn't this just talking about the fallout from nuclear war? Not the impacts of meltdowns from nuclear power plants?
  15. Maybe I'm missing it? All I see is Heg and Nuc Leadership/Prolif. Under Heg there's the card that says grid collapse. However, what I'm looking for (Maybe i worded it poorly before) isn't directly grid collapse, but that if nuclear plants melt down we're all fucked. Which you think would be easy to find, but I can't.
  16. I run a floating nuclear power plant aff and one of our advantages is nuclear safety; in the situation the grid collapses from a myriad of ways, we're unable to keep the power plants running/from going into meltdown, and obviously meltdown leads to extinction. Recently, we ran into a team that read some cards saying the chance for nuclear radiation leak is very rare, and meltdown doesn't really effect more than a 10 mile radius. Obviously we have the card in our case that says it leads to exintction but it isnt GREAT and I couldn't find much else. Can anyone lend a hand?
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