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  1. Very solid debate y'all. I vote aff as well bc I feel as though the CP links to politics the same amount as the aff, but the perm shields the CP linkage. Similar decision to Rnivium's
  2. Hey y'all, I was wondering if anyone had the Hudson '13 card I can get, willing to trade for it if need be. I need to be ready for blackness rounds for nats! Thanks!
  3. What about Monica Madeiros and Ellen Baker (Lincoln Prep BM)?
  4. Someone help me with a Blackness K aff, how do I beat it?
  5. really interested in reading this, can someone hook a brutha up with some lit?
  6. Does anyone have any third world econ collapse bad cards? Or why revitalizing third world countries is good
  7. Hey, what teams are going to this tourney? Liberty North VW Liberty North RS
  8. WEst/Rogers - A1 aka Jesus and Moses
  9. I just want to wear khakis and a hoodie.
  10. Hey, does anyone else feel that the need to be in a full suit for 2 days is about much. Not that I don't (at times) mind doing it, but rather that it requires so much maintenance. Is there a way that we can slowly start becoming more casual like Nat Circuits?
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